Governor recommends evacuation protestkamp at Dakota pipeline

Governor recommends evacuation protestkamp at Dakota pipeline

Photo: AFP

The governor of the U.s. state of North Dakota calls on protesters at the camp in the Dakota pipeline to leave.

The camp serves as a base for the opponents of the construction of the controversial pipeline for oil transport. That instance was a few months after fierce protests from a group of indians and environmentalists. A judge decided Monday, however, is that the plans simply by allowed to go.

The activists have for 22 February departed from the camp, the Republican governor Doug Burgum. He points also to the dangers originated by the melting snow and the rising waters of the nearby Cannonball River. Burgum also says that the camp damage is to the environment.

Donald Trump wrote a few days after his arrival, a presidential order, that the Corps of Engineers of the U.s. army required the construction to speed up. The Corps gave heed, and ordered the demonstrators earlier to the field for 22 February to leave.


A group of indians from the conscious area of the court in the District of Columbia requested the instance to stop. They had inserted that by the completion of the pipeline the indians in their religious ceremonies no longer able to perform. The guidance is laid out to a lake where the surrounding land, according to the indians sacred to them.

The Dakota pipeline connects the oil fields in North Dakota with refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. The lead is town, and at 1885 miles long. The construction of the pipeline will cost 3.8 billion dollars (3.5 billion euros).

Lawyers are convinced that the indians no legal means for the construction.

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