Government Trump reveals first policy, including new ballistic missile defence system

Government Trump reveals first policy, including new ballistic missile defence system

Photo: AFP

The American president Donald Trump wants a modern defense system to be developed in the United States to protect against potential threats from countries like Iran and North Korea.

Reports that the White House just after the inauguration of the new president. In the statement, still no details released about the development of the missile shield.

It is also unclear whether the program will differ from the current systems in the US at this time to be developed.

Trump is his presidency began with the signing of a number of presidential decrees. So would Trump 20 January proclaim to be a national day of patriotism. He also sent his kabinetsnominaties to the Senate.

Trump: ‘We bring the power back to the American people’

Climate policy

The new president wants from the climate policy that was conducted under president Obama, the Climate Action Plan and other initiatives. The plans were primarily intended for the carbon dioxide emissions of America to reduce.

Trump wants back stronger bet on the oil and gas sector in the US. “President Trump will engage in the harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan, to stop. This will be a huge help for American workers so that they have more than thirty billion dollars more will earn over the next seven years,” says Trump on the site of the White House.


Further condemns the new government the ‘dangerous atmosphere against the police in the United States. The government has committed itself to do more for law enforcement.

The new cabinet of president Trump is also still intend to have a wall to build at the border with Mexico, according to a statement on the website of the White House.

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