Government-Trump prohibits sale controversial wapenombouwhulpstuk

The U.s. government, sales of controversial ‘bump stock’ ban. Americans are allowed the controversial attributes, which allows a semi-automatic weapon can be converted to a fully automatic variant, from march 2019 is no longer in their possession.

The roughly half a million Americans that a bump stock in their possession to get to that point in time the time the accessory is to destroy or to deliver. The perpetrator of the shooting in Las Vegas two years ago, in which 58 people were killed, used as a bump stock.

The rules in the field of arms sales in the United States are again under fire since the shooting at a school in Parkland, almost a year ago. The perpetrator shot seventeen people down and injuring many dozens. This is the deadliest shooting at an American high school ever.

Yet it is the measure of the government-Trump controversial. The powerful American lobbying organisation National Rifle Association (NRA) has on all the possible ways of resistance against the ban.

NRA finds that adaptation wapenwetten fundamental rights are affected

The NRA proposes that any restriction of arms sales in the united states is a violation of the fundamental rights of Americans, gun ownership permit.

Various proposals from the Democrats to the legislation in the field of arms control to tighten up stranded in the Congress, because the Republicans voted against the resolution.

The NRA supports a lot of Republicans with donations. Several large companies, such as Delta and United Airlines, have after ‘Parkland’, however, the ties with the wapenorganisatie broken.


So changed the countries of their wapenwetten

Many states and cities have their own rules have been sharpened

Incidentally, many states and cities all the regulations in the field of the sale of bump stocks are adapted. Many large retail chains, such as Walmart, sell the attribute already long not more.

Lobbyclub Gun Owners of America has already announced, to court to the decision of the government-Trump to fight.

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