Government-Trump limited use software Kaspersky by government USA

Government-Trump limited use software Kaspersky by government USA

Photo: Kaspersky

The government of the American president Donald Trump takes steps to use of software of the Russian cybersecurityfirma Kaspersky Lab within the government limit.

The government is concerned about ties between the company and the Russian intelligence services who are accused of cyber attacks on the United States.

That is why Kaspersky removed from a list of approved software vendors. In the future, many agencies therefore is no software of the company allowed any more purchases. In the Senate was already working on a proposal that the use of the Kaspersky software, the army would ban.

In June carried out the FBI carried out an investigation to Kaspersky. Employees of the company were made by FBI agents visited, once in the Senate, questions were asked about the use of Kaspersky software by public administrations.


Bloomberg Businessweek sets Tuesday on the basis of confidential e-mails that there are indeed links exist between Kaspersky and the Russian intelligence service FSB. Kaspersky would be in command of the FSB security technology have been developed. The e-mails date from 2009 and it is unclear whether the situation eight years later, it has changed.

Kaspersky is doing is just always, as a company that is fully independent of the Russian state. The company has many customers in Europe and the United States, both consumers and businesses and governments.

In a statement to Businessweek says Kaspersky that the e-mails “out of context” are met. “Kaspersky Lab has always recognized that the most appropriate products and services to governments around the world to organizations to protect cyber-threats, but there are no unethical ties or aanlsuitingen with any government, including Russia.”

After the setting of the overheidsverbod Kaspersky said in a “geopolitical struggle” between the US and Russia to the path. The company says keen to cooperate with the U.s. government for clarification. Director Eugene Kaspersky would be willing to take for the Us congress to appear.

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