Government Romania want to talk about a controversial law for protests to end’

Government Romania want to talk about a controversial law for protests to end’

Photo: AFP

The chairman of the ruling social democrats (PSD) in Romania says ready to talk about the withdrawal of a controversial bill on abuse of power, to put an end to the ongoing protests in the country.

The controversial proposal of the new social-democratic government means that cases of abuse of power where the damage is less than 200,000 Romanian leu (44,000 euros), are no longer under the criminal law.

Chairman Liviu Dragnea says soon to talk with other masterpieces of the party, but also suggested that revocation of the decision only happens as the prime minister Sorin Grindeanu that approves. He pointed out that withdrawal until now several times.

Romania has for many years been plagued by difficult to eradicate corruption. Also high government officials are regularly associated with corruption cases.


PSD leader Dragnea is also a politician who was persecuted because of an abuse of power. He is also sentenced to two years in prison because of electoral fraud. Dragnea wanted to be prime minister of Romania, but that was the president of the country. When was Grindeanu put forward, but that is seen as a mouthpiece of Dragnea.

Critics believe that the decree is particularly intended to Dragnea, the hand above the head and think that the law should clear the way for the premiership of Dragnea.


Again, the Romanians on Saturday, the street merged to protest against the law. It is the fifth day of massive protests in Romania. Friday was an estimated 250,000 people in the country on the streets to speak out against the new law.

According to AFP, the protests, which on Wednesday started the biggest in the country since 1989. When it was demonstrated against the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

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