‘Government of USA ceases legal battle to suspend re-entry ban’

‘Government of USA ceases legal battle to suspend re-entry ban’

Photo: AFP

The American government, Donald Trump will be the suspension of the re-entry ban for citizens of seven muslim countries no further legal challenge, reported the Ministry of Justice Thursday in a court in San Francisco.

This is a hallway to the Supreme court, as well as excluded, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The decision comes after Donald Trump Thursday in a press conference again said with a new decree in place of the suspended category. The president said that, after the weekend with more information.

“The decree will be adapted to what I considered to be a bad decision to consider”, said the president, referend to the judges that the introduction of the decree has been suspended.

The re-entry ban Trump entered and suspended was gold for the people in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria. They were immediately after Trump, the decree did address banned from the U.S. until a judge in Seattle on 3 febuary certain that the ban had to be suspended.


Other judges continued to add that the decree had to remain suspended. According to the critics, is the decree to be quickly entered. Trump confirmed that, but verdidigde that by saying that the fast had to be imported, because otherwise people with bad intentions are on the ban could set.

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