‘Government is US, the victims of child abuse for face recognition’

The government of the United States uses images of victims of child abuse to software for face recognition test. Reports that the American online magazine Slate, on the basis of own research.

Also faces of people who come to the USA want to immigrate, death, suspects, air passengers and suspects of crime be used to software for face recognition test.

It is going to be a test of the American ministry of Economic Affairs. Companies with technology for facial recognition to work, at the government’s door to get their software on the accuracy of testing. That test makes use of images from different sources.

A spokesman of the American ministry of Economic Affairs, leave to Slate that the data from the test “by other government agencies is collected for their original tasks”. Also confirms that the test by the U.s. department of Homeland Security (Homeland Security) is to use face detection around child abuse test.

This program is according to Slate, since in any case, since 2016 is active, and uses images of “children who are in the age range from baby to teenager”, which in most cases “coercion, abuse, and sexual activity” is visible.

Database is not representative

The photos of the suspects and deceased inmates come from a database, which since 2010 is being tracked. According to data of Slate is almost the half of the database of images of African-Americans, although about one in eight U.S. residents to that community standard is.

This non-representative ratio may, according to Slate lead to a bias in software for facial recognition is used. Critics warn that the software in that way, ultimately racist abuse against Afro-Americans can facilitate.


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