Government and opposition Venezuela disagree about results election

Government and opposition Venezuela disagree about results election

The government of Venezuela and the opposition steggelen about the rise of the controversial election and a new constitutional assembly that the position of president Nicolás Maduro strengthened.

According to the electoral council would be 8.1 million Venezuelans have cast their votes, so Monday was officially published. The opposition, that the vote boycotted, combats the number and says that there is fraudulent. There would be only about 2.5 million people have cast their votes, says the opposition. The vote was very restless, with ten deaths as a result.

Almost twenty million Venezuelans were allowed Sunday to vote on candidates for board of 545 members that far-reaching political reforms can be executed. President Nicolás Maduro wants, that the political system with a constitution reforms. His goal is to stay in power. He lost two years back the majority in the parliament.

The opposition sees the vote as a trick to parliament to further outside game. Voters can not for or against the council vote: they can only vote on predominantly regeringsgetrouwe candidates. So are the wife and son of Maduro on the electoral list.


Venezuelans vote in controversial election


Opponents of the socialist government showed Sunday. Demonstrators blockaded at several places in the country roads. That led to confrontations with security forces. According to witnesses, opened a group of men in the state of Táchira in two places the fire on activists. In the capital, Caracas, would agents on motorcycles were injured when a bomb exploded.

In the night from Saturday to zodag shots unknowns the regeringsgetrouwe candidate José Félix Pineda (39) to death in his house in the state of Bolivar.

The authorities confirm that ten persons to the life. According to the opposition is the death toll higher and are sixteen people were killed, while the mayor of the capital Caracas, a supporter of Maduro, says that that is a lie. According to him, there are absolutely no deaths.

Venezuela to vote for new council

Almost twenty million Venezuelans were allowed Sunday voting.

For the constituent assembly, they had a council together.

The opposition sees the election as a ploy to parliament to further outside game.

Voters could only vote on predominantly regeringsgetrouwe candidates.
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Venezuelans demonstrating for months against the government, as also during the elections.

This included, among other improvised firearms used.

During the riots were killed and wounded.

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The UN ambassador of the United States, Nikki Haley, called the election Sunday on Twitter, “a step towards dictatorship” and a “sham”. “We will a not legitimate government does not accept. The Venezuelan people and democracy will prevail.”

The U.s. government also has the violence against protesters was condemned, and says to consider oliesancties and other measures. The Venezuelan economy is 95 percent dependent on its oil exports. The US is by far the largest customer.

The European Union also has raised concerns. “A constituent assembly, elected under dubious and violent circumstances, it may not be the solution for the crisis in Venezuela”, the European Commission Monday.

“The events of the past 24 hours, have the concerns in the EU about the fate of democracy in Venezuela strengthened”, the statement said. “The EU condemns the excessive and disproportionate use of force by the security forces. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the victims.”

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