Gorius: ‘Chinese people took photos of kroezelhaar of my daughter’

If there are two experts who know in what world Axel Witsel ends up in China, than the bosom friends Julien Gorius – a season is active at Changchun Yatai and Xavier Chen – three seasons Guizhou Renhe.

Julien Gorius © BELGAIMAGE

“I had no social life worthy of the name’, says Xavier Chen in Sports/Voetbalmagazine. “In the first and third year I lived in a hotel together with the other players and it happened once that I in the evening the trainer crossed in the hallway. Try but the football to the off position. The most exciting moment of the day was the visit to the supermarket with my girlfriend. We were really the days for, again, we could make purchases.’ (laughs)

Julien Gorius:’ do you Remember the first time in the supermarket?’

Chen: ‘You have to be the next scene, imagine: a white man between the shopping aisles a breeze to walk and dozens of Chinese who have nothing of the spectacle want to miss. When we got to the cash register stood on the slide, were people seconds for our shopping basket to check what we bought. We were a kind of attraction, especially my Belgian girlfriend. That people were referring to it is not bad, but it was for us and destabilising. It is also a human reaction. Would a Belgian have reacted differently have if he for the first time a black or Asian person encounter?’

“Sometimes we brought a joke with people a little too curious. On a day there was a man literally on our boodschappenwagen bent to our articles of close. When it was my turn to deal, I have a lot of power plays ten boxes of condoms in my cart wasp. The only sound that comes from his mouth, was: wooow!’ (mimics)

Gorius: “We have worse experiences in Changchun. My daughter has kroezelhaar and that they had obviously never seen. When the people the hair of my daughter saw this, they stopped prompt to the touch. My wife was mad! We have the zoo on the left should leave because everyone in our room fell down. The Chinese looked to the animals, but took photos of my daughter and examined her from head to toe.’

Alain Eliasy

Read the full interview in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday, 25 January, or in our Plus-zone.

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