Gordon sends potential love within a day back to South Africa

Gordon has a potential new love from South Africa, the 24-year-old model, Rich, after 24 hours in the Netherlands on the plane back home.

“It’s just a big disaster,” says the fifty-year-old presenter in The Telegraph. “Again, I have to deal with such an unstable mental wreck. It is me, it’s also not awarded.”

Rich came along in Amsterdam, where something was where Gordon does not want to talk about. “He had a hotel at the airport, and flew the next morning to go home. It is all very painful. Therefore, I would be so happy my love just to pause before I agree to outside of bowl, but that too is not succeeded.”

Gordon frustrated that the him to date not managed to get stability in his life. “I’m looking for a bit of affection. Someone who lets me shine. It will succeed just not in a normal way. I had really hoped for at this age settled.


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