Gordon and Patty Brard became closer after the quest for eternal youth

Gordon and Patty Brard had known each other for years, but after the search for perpetual youth for the SBS are very close to each other, has increased. They have learned how to not only each other but also to themselves to have a better knowledge.

The duo is traveling in the Patty & Gordon, in search of everlasting youth, including those in Taiwan, India, and Russia. Brard, and Gordon is going to battle with the leeches, walk, and a day with the monks, and drinking with a glass of koeienurine. Everything is in order, and find out how you can be as healthy and happy as possible, old.

“We have a lot of support to each other. We have a horrible laugh, and a lot of crying, too. Some of the things that is coming in, because if you’re in a kind of process, it is reassuring to know that you have done this,” said the 51-year-old lead singer and a presenter, in conversation with

Gordon decided that in 2019, the change of direction after his doctor told him that he was not much older when he had his lifestyle not to would be a good fit. The singer went to a rehab house, and has been for about seven months, and alcohol – and drug-free. Brard, underwent two years ago, a gastric bypass, and saw that even the use of a glass of wine with dinner. The major changes in their lives that they are closest to each other have been growing, especially during the run of the program.

“It’s really a wereldtherapie in order to keep in mind is that you don’t need to and believed.”
Patty Brard

“There was a time when I thought to myself:” if, tomorrow, the lights would go out, I would be that easily found. Now, I think that’s ridiculous, and I can say, I don’t even begin to imagine. When we are alive, had been buried in a forest in the Ukraine, I realized I was in the box that I want to live I want to breathe and I’m light and want to continue to see it. That is a very, very emotional,” says the singer, who suffers from claustrophobia, and it’s very, very difficult and had to be locked up in the trunk.

“It was my time to come

Brard had no trouble with being buried alive, and had tons of sand in the box to throw in. It is only when she is in the crate, came out and spoke to the man who now had it, she had a blast. “I thought it was me at all, nothing really did. It was time to come in. Then the man said, you suddenly start looking back and thinking about the desires you have in life, and there were all new things to me, and I have a really long list. You will have so much to do, so many people are embracing it and are still against it, as a lot of people are saying that you are sorry or to tell them that you love them. It really is a wereldtherapie in order to keep in mind is that you don’t need to and believed.”

If the camera can tell the two are clearly about a difficult time in their lives; of Gordon, about his addictions, Brard, about the difficult relationship with her daughter. But even without the camera in it, the two presenters will be plenty of great conversation. “When the cameras stop, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the conversation,” said Brard. “We knew each other already, but this is going to be very, very deep, all at once. After this date, you will have a ride back to the house for 3.5 hours in which you gaze, and really let you descend to what is happening. That is the time to fill you in with the make.”

Patty & Gordon, in search of eternal youth, is starting on Monday, 10 November at 20: 30 to be seen on the Dutch television SBS6.

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