GOP share of the Latino vote stable under trump, with the support of the evangelicals, and animal doctors

The Republicans are clinging to an unchanging share of the Latino vote in the trump era. With a President who targets immigrants from Latin America, some analysts expected a Latino backlash against the GOP. But it is not happening. Data from AP VoteCast survey shows the Republican hold on the support of Latino evangelicals and veterans. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

There is a larger Block of reliable Republican Latinos than many think, as the GOP position is not weakened among the Latinos in America, while the trombone administration, despite the President’s rhetoric against immigrants and the party shift to the right on immigration.

In the November elections, 32 percent of Latinos, according to the AP VoteCast data voted for the Republicans. The survey of more than 115,000 midterm voters — including 7,738 Latino-voters — was conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

Other studies, around a third of Latinos were in support of the GOP. Data from the Pew Research Center and exit polls suggest that a similar proportion, about three in 10 Latino voters who support trump in 2016. Is pursued, the share of Latinos supporting a Republican for the last ten years.

The VoteCast data show that, as the white voters, Latinos, divided by gender — 61 percent of men voted Democratic in November, while 69 percent of women have. And while the Republican-leaning Latinos are everywhere in the country, two groups are particularly likely to back the GOP — evangelicals and veterans.

Evangelicals comprised about a quarter of Latino voters, and the veterans were 13 percent. Both groups were divided approximately evenly between the two parties. Mike Madrid, a Republican strategist in California, said the groups are reliable, the GOP many Latino votes for years.

“You stick to and you will not go away,” Madrid said. Much as with the trump of their own core white voters, the attacks on the President and other Republicans as anti-immigrant “just for you to dig in even more,” he added.

The Rev. Sam Rodriguez of Sacramento, California, a trump is said spiritual advisers, Evangelical Latinos have a clear reason to vote Republican. “Why are 30 percent of Latinos still support Trump? Because the democratic party said the obsession with abortion,” Rodriguez. “It is the life and religious freedom, and everything else follows.”

Pedro Gonzalez has faith in Donald Trump and his party.

The 55-year-old Colombian immigrant is a pastor in an Evangelical Church in a suburb of Denver. First of all, turned away from trump in 2016, he was encouraged by the President of the measures for the protection of religious groups, and shall appoint the judge, in violation of the right to an abortion. More important, Gonzalez sees Trump’s presidency as part of a divine plan.

“It doesn’t matter what I think,” Gonzalez said of the President. “He was it.”

Some conservative Latinos don’t say, to make your political inclinations, you feel like a minority as their ethnic origin. Irina Vilariño, 43, a Miami restaurateur and Cuban immigrants, said they’ve scratched the President car sticker for Sen. John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Trump out of your car. You said you were never to grow up discrimination in a predominantly white south Florida community, “but I remember during the McCain-discrimination campaign, because I support him.”

In the year 2018, the choice was good to Democrats, but Florida disappointed. You could not convince enough of the state is often right-wing Cuban-to help American voters, sen Bill Nelson, who was ousted by the GOP with Spanish-Gov. Rick Scott, or rally, speak behind Democrats, ” gubernative candidate, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, the Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis lost.

Still, in the rest of the country, there were signs that pleases Democrats. Latinos voted at high frame rates in an election that saw record turnout among all demographic groups. Latinos are not usually the worst between the examination of voter participation rates, and while official data are not available for months, a number of Republican congressional districts in California and New Mexico tilted Democratic.

That is why the Republicans are not comfort should be able to win consistently, about a third of Latinos said Madrid. You are still losing two-thirds of the voters, egged on in the voting booth of trump.

“This is a contribution to the death spiral of the Republican party — also said if it stops at 30 percent,” Madrid. “This is a route to death, it’s just slower.”

Gonzalez, the pastor, sees the trend in Colorado. He distributed literature on Spanish-speaking communities, the support of the Republican gubernative candidate Walker Stapleton, who was crushed by democratic rep Jared Polis, as the GOP lost every race for statewide office.

Gonzalez understands the anger among some Latinos in the GOP and Trump for what he says is a false impression, the alone hardline immigration stance. “In the community is not informed, that according to the rhetoric of the media, it is a point of view that Donald Trump is a bad guy,” Gonzalez said. To understand “evangelicals “that he would defend it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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