GOP officials in early voting States weigh primary changes to increase the asset in the year 2020

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President Trump speaks in the midst of spending bill showdown, asks the legislature for the financing of the border wall.

Republican officials in New Hampshire and South Carolina – both early-voting States in the presidential nominating season – open examination of the question of whether the overhaul of their primary rules for the benefit of the President Trump.

In New Hampshire, which holds the first-in-the-nation primary, some state GOP lawmakers want to change the so-called “neutrality” rules, which prohibit government officials from endorsing candidates prior to the contest.

To press state Reps. Bruce Breton and Fred Doucette plan, the Problem at the next meeting of the New Hampshire GOP on Jan. 26, if the party votes, the new officers and all of the proposed new articles of Association. Breton, who had flirted with running for the Deputy Chairman of the state GOP, said he reconsidered his bid, so he could be sure of his continued support for trump in front of the primary

But he added that he will continue to take the Problem to the party.

“It is my strong conviction that those statutes should be amended to reflect that the NHGOP and the support of a President-in-office,” Breton told Fox News. “It is a logical solution to what I regard as a deeply flawed part of the articles of Association.”

Breton added that he consulted, the decision on the resignation of vice chairman race with Corey Lewandowski, Trump, the former campaign manager and a New Hampshire native.

The deadline for the sending of a bylaw proposal is midnight on new year’s eve. It would then have to pass two-thirds of the votes of the state Committee, a mountain they had to climb.

Republican officials in New Hampshire say that the change is unlikely.

Stephen Stepanek, who is running, has defended the state GOP Chairman, and was one of the first-trump card-trailer, the “neutrality” provision – and said the party will stay neutral before the primary, if he wins the presidency.

The debate in New Hampshire comes from, as South Carolina Republicans reportedly Cancelling consider your primary. South Carolina GOP Chairman, Drew McKissick, he argues, do not expect a challenge for the President, and therefore, the party may need a primary.

“We have full autonomy and flexibility in every direction,” McKissick of the Washington Examiner said.

In contrast to the New Hampshire contest, the first-in-the-South primary school, not the state, so the GOP could cancel, if you want to be is under the control of the party.


McKissick added that the state party Executive Board has no formal discussions on the primary for the 2020 race, but exclude, negative.

Whether trump or not face a primary Challenger remains to be seen.

To Outdo the main name floated as a possible intra-party competitors, outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the primary delivery against Trump in 2016. Kasich has to say a couple of trips to New Hampshire in the last couple of months, and activists, he still has a good political network in the state.

“He has a lot of friends here,” said Jim Merrill, a longtime Republican strategist in New Hampshire, worked for Sen. Marco Rubio presidential candidacy in 2016. Merrill acknowledged that even with some of the names, the identification, Kasich would be a rise against the current President

“If he will run decides to, he would certainly be an outsider in elementary school,” said Merrill. “He would come and make his case.”

Kasich has been running ambiguous about his intent, in spite of his several visits to the state.

“I don’t want to waste everyone’s time if there isn’t a clear way to make a big impact,” Kasich told Fox News, in November during a trip to the Granite State.

In view of the difficulties, all of the potential GOP primary Challenger, Merrill behind the need to blunt competition with the primary rule changes, asks: “I would say the President, what are you afraid of?”

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