GOP lawmakers delay of $a shows 19 billion disaster bill, that the power of the

nearvideo Senate approved $ 19 billion in disaster aid package

The measure includes money for Puerto Rico, southern States suffer from the last fall the hurricanes, Midwestern States inundated with spring floods and a fire-ravaged rural California.

There is an old expression in Washington that nothing is decided until everything is decided.

Well, consider the state of the $19.1 billion disaster bill.

It took to pry a Herculean effort, package loose Thursday in the Senate, triggering an overwhelming, 85-8 vote. President Trump the Senate appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R gave-Ala., and sen David Perdue, R-Ga., that he sign the package would be without the provisions for the border. The senators say that the President showed the disaster money was too important and had been stalled for too long. States in the South and Midwest – infested, could not wait due to cyclones and floods, longer.

That is until Rep.-Chip Roy, R-Texas, torpedoed on Friday morning.

There are three ways the house and Senate over the approval of invoices. You can see the implementation of a standard roll-call vote, where everyone throws either ballot as a Yes or no The house and the Senate may hold a “voice vote.” This is where everyone either hollers Yes or no. The loudest side will win.

However, the legislature is declared, the Chairman always, “in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it” or “the noes have it.” But, if the losing side of the result, you don’t like, you can always request a roll-call vote. Finally, there is “unanimous consent.” This is must agree to, where all 435 or 100 people. All it takes is a bit of a loner perfect, even if everyone else wants to do something else. The appeal stops everything.


It is said that you can the sun rise in the West, if you get unanimous consent.

This is where Roy comes in.

There are only three members of the house were on the ground Friday, when the house tried to advance the disaster aid measure by unanimous consent and the synchronization with the Senate. Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., the chair of the meeting. Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., on the floor was to the unanimous consent request. And then there was Roy.

Who is in favor of the measure in the Roy two.

Unanimous consent is powerful, but hard to come by. There is only one reason why Roy was the case on Friday morning when the house tried, approved the measure with a skeleton staff on hand. The delivery of the package by unanimous consent would mean the house and the Senate were in alignment, that creatives, in the same package. The measure would then be ready for President Trump’s signature.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to keep implored Democratic leaders of the house in the session on Thursday the approval of the disaster-aid measure. But the house was not to stir from the spot until the Senate acted. Most of the members of the house Jet from Washington, noon Thursday for a week-and-a-half, from the Memorial Day break.

Unclear afternoon until early Thursday, when the fate of the disaster package. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., warned his colleagues would vote in the Senate, “something” on the disaster relief and “not tolerated.” The Senate considered re-voting deflected version of the disaster aid fell apart in early April. But the Senate was set to vote on a retooled plan, after President Trump, he signaled to sign the measure were provisions without the border. Things came together very quickly in the Senate. But the house was not a long time.


You can ask, whether it would have been worth it to keep the house in session just to see if the Senate would act. Of course, there is always sensationalism by the legislature on such efforts. The legislature regularly trumpet why the Congress should be in session, a recess or a weekend, to resolve to try one or another. These are often the same legislators who have a cabin at idle, just outside the capital, ready to lash you across the river to take a flight from the National airport, Reagan National.

The Memorial Day recess is particularly problematic for planning. Many of the members have planned a large overseas business trips. To expect a number of legislators, go to Normandy, France in a couple of days for the 75-year-old anniversary of D-Day. This is nothing to say, the legislature, the rays back to their States and districts to participate in the Memorial Day Parade and visit the cemeteries.

Tethering lawmakers in Washington for a day or two, without a clear idea of a result-comes to voting, is a problem. Yes, the Senate approved the disaster bill shortly after the house of Washington leave. But it was not clear that the senators would do this on Thursday.

So, to measure the disaster that is now stalled. Again.

Roy chatted briefly with Shalala on the House floor shortly before the meeting began on Friday morning.

“He came kind, to tell me that he has to object, because he wanted to be taken by the President of the border question,” said Shalala. “This is not the way that should work for our government. We are ready to work in the house in a bipartisan way. The same as the Senate was ready to go. An individual. His position is irresponsible.”

Shalala characterized the turn of events as “tragic.” You are worried about the further delay for the families to try to recover.

“Why should you have to wait a week longer because some member of Congress objects?”, the Florida asked a Democrat.

Of course, the question is whether Roy is delayed just delay the inevitable. But the house does not return to full action until 4. June. To vote in the house seems to have passed the plan in bipartisan fashion.

“This is a respectful, swamp-speak. Delay of the inevitable. It is the inevitability of DC. The inevitability of spending in which we do not speak and voice the concerns that I hear when I go back to any city in Texas to 21,” said Roy. “Why don’t we spend addressing disaster, in a way that fiscally responsible? We just keep writing checks.”

Roy got an earful from Florida’s Commissioner for agriculture, Nikki Fried.

“It is cowardly, shameful policy, in its worst Form, that a single house would choose a member to a further delay in the disaster relief,” protested Fried. “Congressman Roy must have forgot the help the Texans after the hurricane, Harvey.”

But the passage of the bill is inevitable? Just delayed?


It is said that guests and fish begin to stink after three days. Consider the controversy that prevented this disaster package. The Republicans tried to infuse the bill with the President’s policy. You should run for office, and argued that Senate Democrats for the President vote Yes or face, difficulty in sodden Iowa prior to the group meetings. The Republicans fought the Democrats played politics with Puerto Rico money. There were questions about what a crippled disaster bill would mean for Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, Ben Sasse, R-Neb., John Cornyn, R-Texas, and wax. All face re-election bids in the States of the disaster, desperately trying to help. All face a competitive race. Ernst is in a battleground state. Texas and Georgia Trend slightly in the direction of Democrats. Then there were questions about adding humanitarian provisions for the border. Are things going on with this legislation? Or, will pollute another obstacle may be the account of the political enzymes, ready to take you to the legislation?

“I’m not looking for a way to undermine support for something,” said Roy when asked about the rental of the legislative bake in the parliamentary elements for more than a week. “This legislation should be offset. This legislation should border financing, counting so we can deal with this crisis.”

But the bill may not have to wait a week.

Only a few members of the house remain in the vicinity of Washington for the next 11 days. The house is scheduled to meet shortly after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 28. May and 4:30 pm on Thursday, may 30. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., by look, “we will take measures as early as next week, when the house meets again during the pro forma.”


This is a reference to these short sessions. The house could try again to Marshal unanimous consent to pass the disaster aid bill without a roll-call vote. This is a Trick by the Democrats to the car, Roy, or any other Republicans object again. Then Democrats can you describe as the obstruction is to delay those who are disaster assistance try.

All of this could backfire on Roy and the other GOPers. If you not object, then the bill and the assurances of staying on track. If you do, you are blocking the invoice for a second or a third time, then the Democrats can easily policy of the Republican obstruction.

Not many people knew who Chip Roy was today. But now you do it. Democrats pin a name and a face on the disability.

Then again, a senior Republican source told Fox, “maybe Roy wants it to be so.”

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