GOP interns: Uber drivers in the U.S. service refused because of the MAGA hats

Matthew Handy, 20, of Kentucky, says an Uber driver refused him and three other hats a ride together in Washington this week, because two of them were pro-trump “Make America Great Again”.

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Several interns on Capitol Hill for a program geared to young black Republicans, said an Uber driver refused to give you a journey together in Washington this week, because two of them were pro-trump “Make America Great Again” hats.

The incident unfolded Tuesday, according to the trainees, if they are stacked in an Uber on the head, to a monthly meeting of the supporters of the President in the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

In interviews with Fox News, three of the interns, said the driver caught up with them at the George Washington University. But after the driver asked her after the famous pro-Trump red hats, he told the interns that he couldn’t give you a ride, she said.

The interns who have worked for the Republican legislature this summer, said they were forced out of the Uber car.

The company responded: “We want to offer a reliable service to everyone who uses Uber. We have managed to find both the rider and driver, and more.”

The 20-year-old Matthew Practically of Kentucky in a last photo with the President Trumps son, Donald Trump Jr, Practically, an internship for a Republican legislator, says an Uber driver refused him and three others a ride together in Washington this week, because two of them were pro-trump “Make America Great Again” hats.

(Matthew Practically)

One of the interns, has had a trump card, the 20-year-old Matthew Practically from Kentucky, recalled “ticked off.”

“I’m supporting a black man in America and voted for Donald Trump… but We are a country that everyone who you are not accepted, a melting pot, but the moment I do something or say coincides with your political beliefs, I’m the villain,” said mobile, who is an internship for Illinois GOP Rep. Mike Bost.

We take this very seriously. Please send us a DM (direct message) with your E-Mail address, so we can connect you as quickly as possible.

— Uber Support (@Uber_Support) 11. July 2018

Practically said, he complained to Uber, but still not heard anything back other than an automated response.

“We take this very seriously,” to have the ride-sharing service tweeted again after he went public on Twitter.

Another passenger in the car, the 33-year-old Adria Barrington of Tallahassee, is an internship for Arizona GOP Rep. David Schweikert, said she found the experience terrifying.

“Deny it to me– because I know we were the service denied on the basis of our political thoughts and views — will not change my political thoughts and beliefs,” said Barrington. “Are you denying me service is only going to prove me fight harder to at all, it is conceivable that an African American and a conservative.”

“Preference to not tire anyone in the moral compass of America,” said Elijah Allison of Florida, and the other passengers with a hat.

(Elijah Allison)

Elijah Allison from Florida, the other passenger, has a trump card, expressed disappointment about the incident. He has an internship this summer in the office of the Colorado GOP Rep. Ken buck.

“Preference to not tire anyone in the moral compass of America,” said Allison. “Although we do not have the same political views or other beliefs, we should agree to be able to disagree.”

The interns are part of the diversity internship program, Buck. The Colorado Republican legislator’s office, says the Congressman has Uber.

Virtually told that he has to listen to look forward to, again from the company about the driver.

“I would like to a statement from the guy,” he said, “and I want to let him go.”


It comes as liberal protesters step up confrontations in public with trump administration officials and allies, and the promotion of Democratic Republic of Maxine Waters from California, and others.

“When you see someone out of the closet in a restaurant, in a Department store, a gas station, get you out and create you a lot and you push back on you, and you tell them they are not welcome anywhere,” Waters recently said.

To leave among those who have been asked or protested in restaurants or other public places in recent weeks, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and White House aide Stephen Miller.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a political reporter at Follow him on Twitter at @Alex Pappas.

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