GOP candidate Katie Arrington to continue campaign after car wreck, doctors are optimistic

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SC GOP house candidate Katie Arrington injured in car crash

Rep. Steve Scalise responds to the ‘Fox & Friends’ to South Carolina congressional candidate Katie Arrington is seriously injured in a car accident.

Republican congressional candidate Katie Arrington plans to represent in the race to stay, South Carolina, 1. District after receiving serious injuries in a car accident on the weekend that you left in a critical condition.

During a press conference on Monday with Sen. Tim Scott and the doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina, Arrington spokesman Michael Mule said she would continue to campaign their.

Arrington, the ousted incumbent, Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S. C., in the June 12 primary, difficult a person was injured on Friday in a car-wreck that left dead. In a statement, published on Facebook on Saturday, your campaign said that you underwent a surgery after she was injured when a driver traveling in the wrong direction, hits your car. A friend who was also in the car was seriously injured.

Arrington suffered a fracture in his back, several broken ribs and other injuries that required surgery, including the removal of part of her small intestine and a part of your colon. According to doctors, Arrington also bleeding from the abdomen was blanket, and sustainable small-intestinal injury.

Arrington was taken off of a ventilator on Sunday, according to her doctors, said she and her boyfriend were “recovering well.”

“I expect that you will progress pretty quickly,” said one of the doctors. “She’s been very strong through the entire event. She answered, as a patient much younger than her true age.”

The doctor said that on average, patients maintain these types of injuries and have to go through similar operations to stay in the hospital for about 10 to 14 days. The doctor also said that there is “no reason to believe that they are going to be able to walk”.

Over the weekend, Sen. Scott Arrington visited, who has served as a representative in the state, for the last two years. Scott spoke Arrington, and they replied with notes written.

“One thing that was written down on the piece of paper she had written, said:” two weeks, and I’ll get back explains to you, “” Scott. “Katie’s sharpened passion for serving their community because of the accident.”

Scott said that Arrington had a “enlightenment” and thinks her life was saved, which serve the purpose of the training, the people in your district.

“The campaign motivated you to a full recovery,” said Scott.

Arrington Democratic opponent, Joe Cunningham, said he would suspend his campaign until further notice, the Scott praised, called his reaction a reinforcement of “the DNA of the low country.”

Also over the weekend, President Trump, the approved Arrington hours before the primary earlier this month, tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with Representative Katie Arrington of South Carolina, including all of those in last nights car accident, and their families.”

The President is expected to travel to South Carolina, Monday, in the run-up to the primary runoff between GOP gubernatorial candidate Henry McMaster, and John Warren. It is unclear whether Trump’s visit to Arrington, while he was in the Palmetto state.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw and terrace Garnier, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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