Google’s new guidelines for the employees, aimed at reducing harassment

In this Dec. 4, 2017, photo, people walk by Google offices in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) (Copyright 2017, The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

(Copyright 2017, The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Google has a message for workers who are difficult with each other on the internal message boards: Play nice or else.

The search giant, led by Chief Executive Larry Page, last week sent all the Googlers a list of guidelines, and internal rules that are designed to keep the worker debates about diversity and the politics of getting to heated.

The guidelines urge employees of Google on “respect for each other” and asking them to “avoid blanket statements about groups or categories of people.” The Palo Alto, Calif. the company has also made it clear that “trolling, name calling, and ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.”

Employees who do not toe the new company line will have their places and watching privileges revoked, and may receive ” disciplinary measures if warranted.”

Google employees are disagree about the company, the diversity of practices — a topic that came to a head last summer when James Damore, a former Google engineer, was fired after publishing an internal memo to say that women are worse in the technique by their biology.

The company’s message boards have a hotbed, pro-diversity, employees find themselves on the receiving end of abuse and conservative employees say that Google makes them feel unwelcome.

Google hopes that the move will help settle things internally, if it is the target of numerous lawsuits from current and former employees from all sides of the political spectrum who claim to have been wronged by the Silicon Valley juggernaut.

This story was previously published in the New York Post.

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