Google’s First major of the game Stages, only couple of years, ” are you ready

As the first major game from the Google through the Stages, to play, to have to wait. It is said by the head of the gamestudio, Jade Raymond, during an interview with gamesindustry.pp. If you are in the topvrouw all of the new content from the studio.

Google announced a new game service in march and had already announced that the techgigant itself, games are going to evolve. Google the Stages is on the 19th of november, in the Netherlands, but for the time being only the games of the other parties on the service are played, such as Destiny 2, from developer Bungie.

With the opening of its new studio in Montreal, it seems Google is slow to want to work on the development of its own games. It is the intention of the studio’s games are going to make it exclusive to the Stages can be played.

Raymond tells us that this will be the first of several Google-Stages-gamestudio’s. It is the intention of the company to a number of large games, especially for the Stages of development.

“On the Stages, more than on any other platforms”

According to Raymond, is to Google the Stages, more than on any other platform, because the calculations for the games to be run via the cloud, to go. The games that Google is going to make it, therefore, is not limited by the game consoles that people have at home, ” says Raymond in an interview.

As an example, is called “Raymond” MMO’s (massively multiplayer online), where there are a lot more players at the same time, to be able to play by Google’s systems.

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