Google warns sites with annoying ads

Google warns sites with annoying ads

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Google goes web publishers actively warn if their websites contain ads that are as annoying to be experienced. The Chrome browser from Google is going to starting next year and claims to block the new guidelines.

In a blog post writes Google sites in the coming weeks, alerts will be received on their ads. Site administrators can now have a special page of Google visit to see if they meet the guidelines.

“Better Ads Standards, by a coalition of internet companies and advertisers have been drawn up to prohibit the use of pop-ups and auto-playing videos with sound.

On mobile web pages, the guidelines are also not allowed to have more than 30 percent of a page to fill up with complaints. Google maintains the guidelines from next year by annoying ads automatically block it in Chrome.


Annoying commercials are, according to Google, the main reason that people have an adblocker install. Over two-thirds of the adblocker-users would do that because they are irritating of web ads.

Recently surfaced for the first version of the Google-reclamefilter is already on a test version of Chrome for Android. It is not known when Google will filter exactly to all devices will be rolling out.

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