“Google wants quantum computer via the cloud

“Google wants quantum computer via the cloud

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Google wants companies and researchers to be able to quantum computing solutions that use through any cloud-connected printer.

The search giant has universities and laboratories access offered to early versions of its quantum computing solutions that, reports Bloomberg, on the basis of statements of various scientists.

According to researchers, can quantum computing solutions that some tasks are much more efficiently run. For now, however, that is mainly theoretical; so far, only very limited versions of the futuristic computers built.

Recently announced IBM as the first company that the quantum computing solutions that commercial wants anbieden via the cloud. The technology giant still believes “a few years” need to have to make a quantum computer with fifty ‘qubits’ to build.

Such qubits can be not only a value of zero or one, such as normal computerbits, but can also be in a ‘superposition’ in which they both have values. That makes new rekenprocessen as possible, which can have major consequences for the encryption of data.

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