Google test is easy to pass from offensive search suggestions

Google test is easy to pass from offensive search suggestions

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Google is testing an option for users to on the main page of the search engine immediately an offensive so-called autocomplete to the company.

That reports the website Search Engine Land.

Autocomplete are the suggestions of queries that the Google search engine when typing in a search query. That sometimes leads to offensive search terms. Users can at this time all such suggestions to Google passing, but that can only be done via a support page of the company. The new feature is immediately under the autocomplete suggestions.

Search Engine Land reports that the addition to the main page, currently only for a very small percentage of users is available, but that a wider roll-out will soon take place.

In the past, the autocomplete suggestions of Google several times already, to noise, such as when the search terms ‘are’ and ‘women’, where the search suggestion “are women evil” was done. Google has no such suggestions in the meantime removed, and stressed that this be based on the activities and interests of users, but the algorithm to do this is continuously developed to such insulting suggestions to prevent.






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