Google takes four steps against terrorist propaganda

Google takes four steps against terrorist propaganda

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Google and YouTube have four steps, announced to the dissemination of terrorist propaganda as much as possible to reduce.

Social media will be the last time called upon to do more against the dissemination of terrorist videos, and texts, so-called terrorist propaganda. Facebook last week announced Thursday steps against such propaganda and also Google makes its approach now known.

Google lawyer Kent Walker describes in a statement four steps that Google and YouTube in the coming period against terrorism. Just as with Facebook, is a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderation the spearhead.

Self-learning systems

Self-learning algorithms at Google and YouTube used to terrorist content faster to recognize and to remove. Google used this technology to previously shared terrorist videos directly to remove when that will be shared.

More than 50 percent of the banned terrorist content is according Google already has in this way removed. The company is going to invest more in that technology to terrorist content is still faster and more accurate to recognize.


In addition, the external group human supervisors almost in size doubled. That group assesses videos and texts created by Google – and YouTube-users are marked actually break the rules.

The group already consists of experts from 63 non-governmental organisations, there are another 50 organisations and additional funding. It comes to experts in a variety of areas, from terrorism to zelfmutilatie and suicide.

No ad revenue

Google also takes a more stringent stance against videos that are conditions are not per se violate, but on the edge.

Videos with, for example, inflammatory religious or racial content will not be removed, but receive a warning for viewers. That should look for the first road to be clicked.

Also, these videos are excluded from the advertising program from Google, so there is no amount of money can be earned.


The fourth step is that Google’s move is an attempt to targets of radicalization in a different direction. Thus, for example, potential IS recruits to anti-terrorism-videos refer to them as mind.

Therefore, Google uses the same technology that is normally personalized ads are made.

Google also points to the cooperation with companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. They share knowledge and technology to combat terrorism online faster the head pressing in, and help smaller businesses have less ability.

Dutch police

Last week it was announced that a new police unit from september will start with the active pursuit of jihadpropaganda on the internet.

A core function of this team is to make posts that new fighters are recruited or in which attacks are glorified quick Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to have it removed.

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