Google sister Waymo test self-propelled cars in nepstad’

Google sister Waymo test self-propelled cars in nepstad’

Photo: Waymo

Google sister company Waymo has a small ‘nepstad,” built to zeflrijdende cars in testing.

The company used the area, with the name Castle, to the robotauto’s repeatedly in difficult situations. That writes The Atlantic in an extensive article about the developments at Waymo.

Castle is located in the neighborhood of San Francisco, and includes roads, pavements and roundabouts, but no buildings. Assistants driving in ‘normal’ cars, on bikes or walking around as pedestrians to realistic verkeersscenario’s to simulate.

In the nepstad could the Google car be confronted with particular situations, that they during normal field testing little encounter. So is a roundabout with multiple lanes installed, after an autonomous car here in the city of Phoenix effort.


Waymo test cars are not only on the public road and in the Castle area, but also in digital simulations. There can be difficult situations thousands of times to be repeated with small changes. Analysts then look at when the cars were struggling, by, for example, to search for cases in which the car particularly hard braking, or unusually long stationary.

Of all the tech that is working on self-propelled cars, Waymo generally regarded as the most advanced. The company has the most kilometers traveled on public roads and there’s already very little to be interfered with by human controlechauffeurs about once every eight thousand miles.

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