Google should salarisdata for research underpaid women hand

Google should salarisdata for research underpaid women hand

Photo: Bloomberg

Techgigant Google should salary information from 2014 hand, for an investigation into the possible onderbetalen of women.

That has the American judge. The company should also have contact information of eight thousand employees of the U.s. government transfer, so that these people may be questioned can be.

Google’s HR boss Eileen Naughton says in a statement that the company, the dataset will be provided to participate in the research. They stressed that Google “there is a lot to invest for a fair work environment, regardless of gender or skin color”.

Second request will be rejected

The judge rejected a second request from the ministry of Labour, which was asked for salary information from the past fifteen years. Previously refused the techbedrijf to work because of this request, allowing the matter to the court, the townspeople.

The second dataverzoek puts unreasonable pressure on Google and its staff, the judge in his judgment. The company refused to earlier, the request for this data, because there would be privacy violation for staff.

According to the court, there could also be insufficient evidence to the larger amount of data to receive. “The researchers have nothing concrete to show that their theory is based on anything other than speculation”.

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