Google refuses salaries of female employees to wear

Google refuses salaries of female employees to wear

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Google will find it too costly and time-consuming to create on the basis of salary information to prove that women are not onderbetaalt.

That says Google after the in april by the U.s. department of Labor was accused of systematically paying less of female employees.

Google said that there is a gap, there is no question, but find it too complicated and too expensive for that to the ministry to prove it, reports The Guardian.

Google employees have against the American court said that the 500 hours of work and about $ 100,000 would cost to gather the information that the ministry of Labour wants to have.


The lawyer of the ministry be after mockingly on the miljardeninkomen of Google, one of the most valuable companies in the US. “Google would cost just as easily as they can absorb like a dry keukenspons a single drop of water,” said the lawyer.

Google says all of 2,300 hours and $ 500,000 has been put into the collection of the requested information. A Google lawyer calls forced further search of the abuse of power.

The ministry says that it has the right to the salary information, because Google also for government works. Google relies, in addition to the costs are also on the privacy of employees.

Several female ex-employees of Google have already testified that they were paid less than male colleagues. To be able to check the U.s. state department, however, the requested data is necessary.