Google refreshes its Street View cameras

Google refreshes its Street View cameras

Photo: Google

Google provides its Street View cars for the first time in eight years of new cameras, what for sharper image and better search results.

For the first time in eight years, refresh Google the cameras that used to be streets all over the world in 360 degrees to capture. That reports Wired.

Until now, the reason why Street View cars around with on the roof a large round ball-shaped devices, equipped with fifteen cameras. Cameras make constant pictures of the environment, by software as seamlessly as possible to each other are stuck to a photo in 360 degrees to get.

The new model is smaller and contains only seven cameras, with sensors of 20 megapixels. The new cameras should make for sharper photos with better contrast, and more seamlessly strung together images.

Search results

Two laserradars ensure that the location of the pictures better right. Two new hd cameras on both sides of the Street View car to make more detailed photos of house numbers, street names and business names.

Self-learning systems, use Google images to the cards of Google Maps to keep up to date and to complete. Ultimately, the systems even small plates with, for example, opening times of shops may read and Maps can add.

Also want Google in the long term routes can offer on the basis of less accurate descriptions. When an unknown address, users can then, for example, ask how the pink shop next to the church is called.

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