Google, Reddit to defend a tech for legal protection in advance of hearing from the Congress

WASHINGTON (Ap) – A 23-year-old law, the technology companies and the legal protection from lawsuits over user-generated content (ugc) continues to be essential to the internet of the future, as in the Alphabet Inc, Google unit, and the social media site Reddit Inc said in a testimony released on Tuesday.

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Senior executives from Google, Reddit, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal experts are due to face questions Wednesday at the Conference that the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which, critics say, with shields, tech companies have to deal with threatening, violent, hazardous, or bullying content.

Lawmakers from both major political parties have stated that Congress should make additional changes to the law to restrict corporations’ immunity. Last year, the Congress has made it easier for prosecutors and the sex of the victims of trafficking in human beings, to continue with the social media networks, advertisers, and others who are obliged to learn the material on their platforms.

At issue is Section 230 of the act, and that, on the whole, their online platform for the content posted by the users, even though the companies will still be able to be held responsible for the content that is in violation of the criminal law or intellectual property law.

Advocates say the law has contributed to the rapid growth of internet companies over the past 20 years, and encouraged freedom of expression.

Katherine Oyama, Google’s global head of policy relating to intellectual property rights, the said Section 230 the impetus for action to combat harmful content” and that Google has over 10,000 of people that are working on the content of the checks.

Without Section 230, search engines, video sharing platforms, blogs, and other service providers would not be able to filter content at all, which results in a more offensive content, including adult content, spam, threats, etc., etc.) or would it be over-filter the contents-including the key issues of the political speech),” Oyama said in written testimony.

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce committee released the written testimonies in advance of Wednesday’s hearing, which was titled “the Promotion of a Healthy Internet in order to Protect Consumers.”

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said Section 230 has turned on “in good faith in attempting to mitigate the inevitable problems of freedom of speech and expression.

“While these matters are serious and demand the attention of both of us in the industry, and in Congress, they are nothing compared to the overwhelming good that the 230 is activated.”

Huffman said that the “all-or-nothing presentation, it is simply not feasible, in view of the fact Reddit is acting for more than 750,000 posts, and 6.3 million comments per day, over 130,000 active community.

Danielle Keats Citron, a Boston University professor, said the court, had been stretched to the Section 230 of the legal shield is much more than what it was intended for, and instead are used to “immunize

the platforms of responsibility, even though they know about the users of illegal activities, and intentionally refused to remove it, and to ensure that those who are to be responsible for the illegality could not be identified.”

In June, the Republican state Senator Josh Hawley introduced legislation to remove the immunity of the major tech companies under Section 230, unless they are to be subject to an external audit to prove their algorithms, and content deletion practices have been politically neutral.

Report by David Shepardson; edited by Jane Wardell

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