Google pushes the physical security key



Will the security keys is the use of passwords obsolete?

Google is pushing a physical key as part of a two-factor authentication.

The internet is the biggest search engine is going low-tech for its latest product, aimed at helping you to secure your files on the Google cloud and beyond.

After a recent trend of users that are more physical reassurances that hackers can’t get access to their files or sensitive data, Google is the introduction of Titan. The device is a physical security key that allows users to perform a 2-step authentication for access to data and other files. While it was originally available only for Google’s Cloud Customers, as of last week, the key is now available to all Google users in the form of a USB.


It is the latest device to use the two-factor authentication protocol (2FA), also known as two-step verification (2SV). It is an excellent way to protect yourself against phishing and other attacks designed to steal of passwords. Most internet users have come across 2FA in the form of an SMS or an e-mail message with a code to access an online account. This type of 2FA is good, but the codes via the internet can be stolen.

That is where Titan comes in. The company says not only will Titan help the public keep their information safe and private – but it can also make passwords a thing of the past. For example, you can use a password to log in to all your online accounts, such as Gmail, Facebook and Dropbox. That is not very secure, even if you use a different password everywhere. With the Titan, it is all digitally printed on the physical device.


First, you need to enter a password, then insert the key. When enabled, a one-time code is sent to your mobile device and used when you log in with your password. It’s really two devices: The USB-key that can be inserted on your computer and a Bluetooth device to do the same wirelessly, back-up, that also could be used on your mobile device. Of course, Titan is optimized for use Google, and if you use the company’s online services, such as Gmail or Cloud – you can use the key to lock your data more secure.

Google is making the push for the security keys for their cloud services since July, when the company said that for the past year, they are using the physical safety and security with their 85,000 employees and have zero security problems as a result. While it is unclear how these benefits translate to other businesses and consumers – the Titan device could eventually become the new industry standard for 2FA and has to be replaced by those annoying passwords.


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