Google Maps user spots ‘UFO’ floating above the Florida swamp – just outside the Bermuda Triangle

An eagle-eyed Google Maps user has reported a mysterious “UFO sighting” in the sky above Florida swamp.

The foreign object is partially blurred, and was spied in a field just outside of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Even when zoomed in, it is difficult to specify exactly what the object is.


It is clearly multicolored and slightly ovular, but a stitching issue with Google Maps means that you can’t see the whole form.

It is also impossible to assess whether the distance of the foreign body, although it seems to be floating some way above a treeline.

The object was spotted in the Big Cypress National Preserve, which is located in the south of Florida.

This area is located just outside the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the North Atlantic Ocean, shrouded in mist.

The Bermuda Triangle has long been associated with mysterious aircraft and ship disappearances, paranormal activity, and even strangers.

Most of the claims about the Bermuda Triangle are as fake, but many still believe that the area is supernatural.

That may be the reason why a Reddit user described in the Google Maps to find out if a “UFO sighting”.

However, another user is probably closer to the mark, which suggests that it is simply a “butterfly,” captured on the camera.

A fast-moving butterfly caught in a single shot on Google Street View can easily be the explanation for this mystery.

This theory is reinforced by the fact that the move of one step away on Street View-completely removes the object – and that is exactly what would happen if the object is a butterfly flying past.

Of course, a UFO can also avoid sticking around for too long, so we may never know.

This is not the first time something strange has been spotted on Google Maps.

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There is also a Google Maps phantom island disappeared in 2012 that’s worth investigating.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.

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