Google Maps car in New Jersey captures man’s brutal fall down the apartment steps

connectVideoWoman caught cheating on Google Maps

An unlucky in love man in Peru was to look up the tourist sites on Google Maps when he discovered that his wife cuddling with another man on a bench. The cheating scandal reportedly resulted in the couple separating.

Google Maps images of a man who was dramatic tumble down seven concrete steps in Hoboken, New Jersey, is going viral this week.

Social media users echo “you poor boy”, as she shared pictures that captured a man — who was not identified — loses his balance trying to grab a railing and then falling over. Searches on Google for the address 725 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ,” began spike Monday after a Twitter user revealed the mystery of the man’s location.

The original 360-degree street photo is made in August 2018, according to It seems Google has since updated the image blur of the man’s face and body after images began to circulate.


But that hasn’t stopped the people of the parts of the different camera angles of the incident online.

While many called the incident “hilarious” and made memes based on the “painful” moment, others were more concerned about the man that the welfare of the human being.

It seems Google Maps has since blurred the image to protect the man’s identity.

“I really hope that he is good,” a Twitter user who is jointly a video clip of the fall wrote, in part.

“Oh, [I] hope he’s okay,” another user agreed.


Others acknowledged a misstep can happen to anyone.

“I am surprised this has not yet happened,” a woman said.

“This will be me one day,” a second wrote.

Bystanders can be seen in the images of the scene unfolding down the block.

Some pointed out that bystanders shocked can be seen in the images of the scene unfolding down the block. A woman walking in the direction of the man seems to have covered her mouth after the witnesses of the accident.

It remains unclear who the man is or what his condition was after the fall. The last image of the Google Maps vehicle had caught the man on his back with his legs in the air.

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