Google makes smart software for haatreacties on news sites

Google makes smart software for haatreacties on news sites

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Google brings smart software that news sites can use to offensive comments to filter.

Together with its sister company, Jigsaw is the software Perspective launched, which the news media on their own website to be able to enter.

In september, it was already known that the software is ‘trained’ to 17 million reactions that are left by users of the New York Times. Those comments are all reviewed by moderators of the newspaper, and the software has learned from their decisions.

Other news sites have to Perspective to make sure that comments can be hidden if there is language in it that may be problematic. The response may, for example, to a human moderator to be forwarded, or the user can directly get a warning about the use of offensive language.

Less negative

“Problematic messages under news now often for that positive audience from the comment section leaves,” says Jigsaw chief Jared Cohen. “We want media to help that tide by problematic messages easier to fend off or on.”

As can Perspective the reaction of users during the types of all scan on the problematic use of language. “The software can to encourage people to contribute positively to the conversation,” says Cohen. When a message is problematic and is likely to be, people can be warned before they make their comment.

“We have noticed that negative messages are often the result of a bad mood that people online try to indulge,” says Cohen. According to the Jigsaw-head tests on a gameforum shown that, a suggestion less negative during the typing of a reaction helps to improve the atmosphere.

English Only

The function works for now only in English, but Jigsaw calls on media in other languages on their problematic reactions with the company to share. To get a basic function working to get Perspective at least ten thousand messages are needed to learn from. For a system that works completely, the software must be hundreds of thousands of problematic scan messages, the more messages the better.

Perspective is according to Jigsaw is still far from perfect, and will by more verandend language also never be. “Our goal is in the first place to the commentaarsecties of news sites again accessible to the public, and the media to help to readers who no longer contribute back to win,” said Cohen.

For censorship need media according to Cohen, nothing to fear. First, have a lot of media by problematic reactions now no comment section more, secondly, it is always to the owner of the site what to do with potentially problematic messages happens. “You can better determine what you in your comments section wants to, it’s not the block of one word, but to better communication,” says Cohen.


Perspective is one of the many applications of the machine learning technology that Google is becoming more common bet. Such software can also “learn” what is on photos and what search results are most important.

In recent years, many news sites, including their reactiemogelijkheid turned off. That has to do with the effort that it may cost to haatberichten to remove, but also with the fact that more and more discussion has shifted to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

More recently, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants to rely on artificial intelligence to post on the social network to rate. Now give the algorithms of the company already have a lot of ‘suspicious’ messages to people who ultimately decide whether or not they conform to the guidelines of Facebook.

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