“Google is sponsoring scientific research to legislation, to influence’

“Google is sponsoring scientific research to legislation, to influence’

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Google would the last ten years, hundreds of academic studies have funded to positive bus to arrive compared to that of legislators.

Google paid amounts from 5,000 to 40,000 dollars to researchers, writes The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday on the basis of the research by Campaign for Accountability, a group that actievoert against Google and paid by Google competitors such as Oracle.

The little-known funding programme would be referred to the public opinion and legislation in favor of Google. The investigations focused on the dominant market position of Google, the legality of the collection of user data, and the battle with legislators.

Some scientists would their research for publication with Google to share, and the company suggestions. The involved professors reveal it is not always that the investigations partly by Google to be financed.


So is rechtenprofessor Paul Heald of the University of Illinois called. Who presented in 2012 a study on copyright at Google, because he thought that it was fascinating would be for the company.

Heald was 18.830 dollars for the research, but reported nowhere that Google paid. “Oh wow. No, that I was indeed not done. That is very bad. There I have over looked,” says Heald at The Wall Street Journal.

Heald says that the money his research has not affected. According to the professor suggested Google terms and conditions for the payment of the research.


Google calls the study that The Wall Street Journal published “highly misleading,” writes the company in a comment. For example, the Google search is incorrectly associated with studies of all the agencies that Google ever financially supported, according to the search giant.

According to Google, is funding the research only on the condition that the payment is clearly revealed. Also says Google to attach importance to the independence and integrity of researchers. Therefore, Google will pay only for specific components of research, not for the full scholarship of researchers.

In addition, writing academics by Google be paid often research the company don’t agree with that. Many of the academics on the list from the Campaign for Accountability, according to Google heavy criticism on numerous aspects of its business.


Large technology companies trying to law makers in a variety of ways on their side to get, for example, with many lobbyists in the American capital Washington, D. C. Google is not the only company that, for them, favourable academic research, finance, Microsoft and Qualcomm do, according to The wall street Journal the same.

Google is by law makers all over the world will be closely monitored because of its dominant position with its search engine and Android.

Recently got Google a recordboete of 2.4 billion euros from the European Commission for abuse of power with his search engine. Google would have its own hundred in the search results have pulled around.

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