Google is at the end of June, an alternative to the sms roll-out’

Google, at the end of June, which is an alternative for sms roll-out in France and the United Kingdom. It’s going to be a rich communication services (RCS), which is the sequel of the text will be seen.

In front of The Equation has a form to Google to let them know that the RCS are the first in the United Kingdom, and France, but other countries will soon follow suit. Or in the Netherlands as well, and it is not yet known, but we’re striving to make the service to all Android phones to be available.

The RCS will work just like an sms with the default messaging system on Android-based phones, users do not have a separate app to install. With the RCS allows for much longer posts and larger images to be sent. This seems to be the app to more services such as Whatsapp.

The difference from WhatsApp and other chatapps is that the messages by using the RCS for each and every telephone number can be sent. The recipient does not have a specific app to be installed in order for a message to be able to send it out. The recipient must have a phone with the RCS to support the message and to be able to read it.

No end-to-endencryptie

The advantage of RCS is that there is no database of all users, as opposed to, for instance, iMessage in iphone. In addition, you don’t need third-party app to be installed, such as on WhatsApp.

The disadvantage of this is that the RCS is currently no end-to-endencryptie to. Most of them are with the transfer or be encrypted, but the isp of the RCS may be that the messages may be able to see. Google stresses that all messages will be immediately deleted from the servers as soon as they are received.

Users of Android-based phones to the RCS, however, first have to activate it to use it.

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