Google dismisses employee who is ‘anti-diversiteitsbeleidmanifest” wrote

Google dismisses employee who is ‘anti-diversiteitsbeleidmanifest” wrote

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Google has an employee dismissed in a manifesto protesting against the diversity policy of the techgigant.

It is manifest, that anonymous was spread, made last weekend for a lot of commotion within the company.

Monday night proved that the writer James Damore. The programmer confirms against various American media that he is fired.

In his manifesto, wrote Damore, inter alia, that women are not underrepresented in Silicon Valley because of sexism, but due to biological and psychological differences. According to Damore is there at Google, there is an “ideological echokamer” in which some matters are not negotiable.

With a lot of tech, women are strongly under-represented and more and more companies, including Google, have programs to something here. Their recruiters focus actively on attracting female engineers. At Google, 69 percent of all employees and 80 percent of the technical staff to a man.


Google manager Sundar Pichai announced in a e-mail to employees, wrote that parts of the manifesto are in conflict with the internal rules of conduct of the search giant. “A lot of what is in that memo was discussed, regardless of whether or not a large majority of the Googlers they disagree,” writes Pichai.

But at some points made Damore, according to Pichai guilty of “promoting harmful stereotypes”. In the code of conduct of Google is that everyone must be committed to a working environment “without threats, intimidation, prejudice, and discrimination”.

After the announcement of the resignation will Google a lot of criticism from the right wing. On Breitbart, the proponents of the manifesto is presented as “rebels” that are fighting against the “witch hunt” against controversial opinions with the company.


Pichai says that he early returns from his family holiday in order to speak further about the manifesto. “I’ve decided to come back tomorrow, because there is clearly much more to discuss as a group – including how we gastvrijere environment for everyone to create.”

Against Reuters says Damore that he is legal next steps examine.

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