Google deleted in 2016, significantly more false ads

Google deleted in 2016, significantly more false ads

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Google has, in 2016, two times more false advertising in its offer removed than in the previous year. In total, deleted the company 1.7 billion claims from the offer.

The large increase in the number of deleted claims is, according to Google due to a stricter approach of the rogue ads. Reports that Google, in its annual report on its advertentietak, the largest online advertiser.

In 2015, there were 780 million ads removed by Google. The company came in July 2016 with a stricter approach to ads rogue loans and investments to promote. Since then, there are five million such ads removed.

Deceptive ads also had to believe, for example, claims that miracle weight loss promise. Google deleted nearly 80 million such ads. Also zelfklikkende ads to be addressed; complaints that users without them having to do something himself suddenly to a healthcare app store developed by lead. Google pulled out of 23,000 offline.

Ads as nepnieuws

Also, Google is successful with the removal of fop error messages. In 2016, there were 112 million of those ads that look like errors or other system messages removed, six times more than in 2015.

In 2016, it overtook Google in addition, 68 million ads for medication offline, more than five times as much as the year before. Also deleted the company 15 million ads for illegal gambling.

Google saw last year the rise of ads that masquerade as news. With headlines that address current events to lead the ads to news items, but, for example, to sites which weight loss products to promote.

In 2016 were approximately 1,300 accounts of such advertisers removed. In december alone, as news disguised ads of twenty advertisers 20 million views.

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