Google computer also wins second game against Go-champion

Google computer also wins second game against Go-champion

Photo: Google

AlphaGo, Google’s self-learning algorithm that was developed for the board game Go to play, also the second match against the Chinese Go champion Ke Jie won.

This puts the score now at 2-0 in a series of three matches, writes Reuters. The first race on Tuesday, won the self-learning computer also.

The profit is an important milestone for artificial intelligence. Go is a complex board game, and it was previously thought that the decades would take time for the number one of the world records would be by the computer. The last match between Ke and AlphaGo is Saturday morning.


The game is part of a Google-organised conference about Go in China. The American techgigant talk during the event about the underlying artificial intelligence of AlphaGo.

Friday is a special competition in which two Go-players play against each other, each with the help of AlphaGo. Later in the day, take five Go players together against the artificial intelligence.

Last year, clears the self-learning computer that is already a victory. When defeated, the Korean Go-grandmaster Lee Sedol with 4-1. Ke challenged as a reaction to this AlphaGo.

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