Google and Apple remove the LinkedIn app from Russian store

Google and Apple remove the LinkedIn app from Russian store

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Google and Apple have the LinkedIn app for smartphones from the Russian App Store and Playstore deleted at the request of the Russian government.

Web access to the business network was previously blocked by the Russian government, because LinkedIn does not comply with the Russian law.

The apps worked from Russia is not good because of the ban, but they were still a to download. The removal of the apps, according to The New York Times-the signal that governments tech to do so can force.

Google and Apple, two American companies, are in a difficult position. They are proponents of open internet and freedom of expression, but according to activists by governments are used to the censorship to apply for the population.

It is the first time that there is so much pressure from governments comes to apps from digital stores to remove. “Apps are the new bottleneck of freedom of expression,” says internetactivist Rebecca MacKinnon.


Russia has access to LinkedIn is being blocked, because the company has not taken heed of the call to data of Russian users on servers in Russia to store.

The law on storage of personal data is since september last year. Regulator Roskomnadzor has LinkedIn in October sued and got the right to be equal. The blockade followed shortly afterwards.


Many countries have in recent years their legislation for internet custom. Authoritarian countries, such regulation often in order to censor the internet.

In China there is a firewall built that websites can be blocked, and internet traffic can be intercepted. Turkey blocks regularly temporarily the access to social media when information comes out that is capable of failure for the government.

It is feared that Russia, the law on storage of personal data has been entered, because it’s way easier to monitor internet traffic.

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