Good place for a first tattoo

Tattoos have become increasingly fashionable over the past few years. Many sportspeople and other celebrities flaunt tattoos on different parts of the body. Even the younger generation is largely attracted to this new trend.

Many young people want to have a tattoo on their body. Though some people go for more than 1 tattoo and some opt for series of tattoos one after the other, there is always the first time for all. It is difficult to decide the part of the body on which you want to have your first tattoo.

This is essential in terms of good health and hygiene of skin. Besides this, some other factors also influence the decision of placement of first tattoo. The guidelines for deciding the location of first tattoo on the body are provided in this article.
People should understand that the skin of every person is different. Some people have very delicate skin that gets damaged or inflamed easily due to slightest bruising. Such people have the tendency to develop redness and blistering of parts over which tattoos are made. Hence, it is advisable to try the first tattoo on the parts that can be hidden easily. Also, once a tattoo is made, it takes time to heal because it is an open wound.

Till the time the tattoo is healed completely, it is better to keep it hidden so that the ugly looking inflamed part is not visible to all. Hence, the first tattoos should preferably be made on the parts that can be covered well with clothes or other accessories. From this perspective, the best placement for first tattoo can be over the upper or lower back and upper parts of arms.

It is always important to analyze the exact reason for having a tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo for personal reasons that you don’t want to reveal to the world, then the best place for tattoos can be lower back and hips. Many women and men prefer to place tattoos in these parts as they can easily hide these areas from others with their clothing. If you feel that your tattoos can have effect on anything concerned with your future then these are the best areas for tattoos. If you are concerned about the way the tattoo will shape up and how well it will appear, the best location for it can be shoulders and upper arm.

One part that should be specifically avoided for making the first tattoo is the part between ribs. This part is very sensitive. Getting tattoos between ribs can be extremely painful. So it is best to avoid this part for your first tattoo.

If you want to make a fashion statement with your tattoo and really wish to flaunt it to all, then select a part that is easily visible to all. Many people get tattoos because they want to follow fashion trends and want to show off their tattoos. The best parts for first tattoos in this case are arms and lower legs. If you want to make your first appearance with a tattoo on any special occasion, then you should keep in mind the dress you are going to wear for that particular occasion while deciding the placement of tattoo. If you are wearing a low back gown, then there is no better place for tattoo than the back.

The lower the back of the gown, the lower should be the tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo on your upper arm, then you must wear a sleeveless dress so that your first tattoo is noticed by all. You can also get it done on the lower part of shoulders if you want to go little wild with it. Even the neck is a good place for the first tattoos that you want to flaunt. Ankles are also a very good place for tattoos and they look very cute. The design of tattoos on ankles should resemble a beautiful and delicate anklet. These tattoos are preferred by many girls.

It is best to avoid having your first tattoo on face. You may not get positive compliments about these tattoos from all people. Many people have pre-convinced notions about such tattoos. They may make you look as if you have an association with a notorious gang.

In short, the reason of the tattoo and the impression that you want to make are the essential factors in deciding the location of first tattoo.

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