‘Good bond between man and dog is genetically determined’

‘Good bond between man and dog is genetically determined’

Photo: AFP

The fact that people and dogs well with each other can live together, according to Swedish researchers probably genetically determined.

Gedragsonderzoekers of the university of Linkoping discovered five genes in dogs that become active as soon as they make contact with people. The same genes are also present in people, and just like in dogs to create social behavior.

“Our findings suggest that humans and dogs have a genetic basis for social behavior share”, said lead researcher Per Jensen, report various media on the basis of AFP.


The Swedish researchers did experiments with more than four hundred beagles (a type breeds), that in the presence of people grew up on. The dogs had three lids had to lift a treat to find.

The third assignment was with intent to hard, then many dogs seek out human help. At the time that they did, there were certain genetic mutations. Five genes proved time and time correspond to the seeking of contact with humans: genes that people in a social ‘function’.

Social genes

Dogs were approximately fifteen thousand years ago, domesticated by people. The researchers do not know whether the genetic link between humans and dogs in that period arose, or was always there.

To find out, Sweden has the genes of the wolf (family dog) tests to see whether in this species the same genetic mutations occur. If not, then it is plausible that the shared ‘social genes’ between man and dog in the past millennia have arisen.

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