Gone are the days of waxing and shaving for hair removal!

If you are one of those people who just love to dress on impulse, you must really hate the chore of hair removal. Whether it is waxing or plucking, depilating or shaving, no atter which hair removal method you prefer, the method is sure to take time and effort, not to mention the fact that you sure to have to do it again soon enough. Well, no more! The latest technology of NIR-SHR can help you to get rid of unwanted hair on the body permanently. So you no longer have to spend time daily for shaving and there is also no need to get a regular waxing done. Now its time to relax and enjoy smooth and hair-free skin!!!

NIR-SHR: The Latest Technology for Hair Removal

Hair removal is the commonest cosmetic laser procedure undertaken all over the world. The Alma Laser’s SHR handpiece is a latest technology for hair removal that offers several advantages to people who want to get hair removal done. It offers numerous advantages and is immensely helpful to people who are fed up with their daily or fortnightly ‘unwanted hair removal’ rituals. Permanent hair removal by using SHR technology delivers fast results for people with any skin type. It is also very beneficial for people with tanned skin.
The technology uses an innovative AFT instrument of 650-950 nm capacity for this light based hair removal procedure. It also has am additional device for enabling contact cooling. The procedure includes use of IN-Motion technology that offers painless hair removal without any downtime.

NIR-SHR technology offers an ideal treatment for permanent hair removal. The instrument also has the capacity to accurately measure the absolute wavelength of pulse, diode and CW lasers in the range of 600 – 1800 nm. It allows detection of FWHM of spectrum line having very high resolutions. NIR-SHR technology ensures that an online monitoring of these values is done during tuning of analyzed wavelength. It does not have any elements in motion. The control and powering of the procedure are managed through a computer by using USB interface of high speed.

The Mechanism of Action of NIR-SHR
The device has a rectangle-shaped large window that emits broad-spectrum radiation of light that needs to be focused on the surface of skin to be treated. The light thus emitted travels through different layers of the skin, including the dermis and epidermis and finally hits the hair follicles beneath the skin. The procedure is entirely harmless. The hair follicles have a dense hair shaft that is rich in melanin content. The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the light, which results in a rise in temperature in the area. Due to the raised temperature, cells responsible for the production of hair are destroyed. The heat thus produced, does not last for a very long time, thus inhibiting damage to the parts other than the hair follicles. Thus, the procedure leaves the part hair-free and prevents production of further hair in the treated area. SHR technology does not cause any harm to other parts of the skin or body and helps in achieving permanent hair removal.

Apart from this, the analysis of FWHM and Spectrum can be easily performed by using this instrument. It has an optical fiber input and diffuse attenuator. It is ideal equipment to measure wavelength of CW laser and pulse. It helps in alignment and adjustment of laser operating system for spectrum range of near IR. It also helps in testing the laser operating system. NIR-SHR can ensure real-time measurement without performing any scanning.
Why NIR-SHR Technology is Preferred Over Other Ones?
This latest technology for permanent hair removal offers numerous advantages to the people who want to opt for hair-free skin. The various advantages of this technology are enumerated below:
•    The technology uses a very high spectrum range of 600 – 1800 nm, making it very effective. It gives accurate results due to the high spectrum range used in the procedure.
•    The instrument is compact and can be easily carried from one place to other.
•    The device has no moving parts and this offers stability to the equipment.
•    It is a very reliable instrument and does not cause any damage to the skin parts other than those treated. It is entirely harmless. Its action is only limited to the skin surface to be treated.
•    The procedure is quite cost effective.
•    It can be used on people of any skin type.
•    The procedure is completely painless.
•    It is very effective in giving high quality results for hair free skin.
•    It does not need the use of numbing gels or anesthesia.
•    The instrument is very easy to operate.
•    The results are fast and hair free skin can be achieved very quickly.
•    It does not need any investment in disposables.

Due to all the above-mentioned advantages offered by this technology, it is the most preferred mode of treatment for those who desire to have permanent hair removal. Finally, it gives smooth and hair-free legs, hands, face and back to patients. No wonder, patients who have used this technology get so many compliments from friends and family, for their hair-free skin.

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