Golf legend Tiger Woods accepts tool, after ‘driving under influence’

Golf legend Tiger Woods accepts tool, after ‘driving under influence’

Top golfer’s club bag, Tiger Woods has during a trial, agreed to cooperate with a tool, after earlier this year he was caught for driving under the influence.

In order to qualify for the program, must be accused to admit that they are “reckless” driving. In return, they get 12 months of conditional punishment, and they need other required meetings about driving under the influence follow, writes TMZ.

Woods argues, however, innocent of driving under the influence, but voted anyway in the program. This would the charge, later this year expire, know ESPN.

The case is on October 25, continued. Woods is itself in the courtroom expected.


Police will give image free of arrest Tiger Woods


With this so-called ‘plea deal’ to let the public prosecutors, the tenlastentenlegging of may this year. When was Woods arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was in the middle of the night sleeping in his car found, but a breathalyzer would have shown that Woods not a drop of alcohol had been drinking.

In addition to a year of conditional punishment, and the mandatory meetings, Woods in the rehabilitation programme, a penalty of $ 250 and the costs of the lawsuit pay, according to ESPN. Also, he would be a workshop to attend where victims of accidents are by drunk drivers explain how their life has affected.

The athlete showed itself not show his face in court in Florida. His 41-year-old lawyer Douglas Duncan signed the not-guilty plea on behalf of the golfer.


In a previous statement know Woods are “extremely slow and uncertain” way of talking to an “unexpected reaction” to prescribed medication.

“I see the seriousness of what I have done and take full responsibility for my actions. I want everyone to know that there is no alcohol in the game was. I didn’t realize that the combination of medications so much influence on me would have,” he said at the time.

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