Go Ahead Eagles, asks for a temporary unemployment benefits for the players

Go Ahead Eagles did Sunday, unemployment benefits requested for all players. The club from Deventer, and to do that, after the cabinet on Sunday decided to include sports facilities up to and including april 6, have to close because of the outbreak of the corona virus.

“Our building is going to close, even though it is premature to make it now about the consequences to be with,” says managing director Jan Willem van Dop, the Go-Ahead at The Stentor. “We’re doing it with a limited amount of information, and now it’s important to be brief, but the deep are going to intervene in the organization to be fixed.”

Because of the competition in the Netherlands for three weeks to lie still, players, coaches, and other employees of Go-Ahead, temporarily out of work. The clubleiding of the number six, the Kitchen and the Champion Division is, therefore, a reduction in working hours and temporary unemployment benefits is filed.

“We’re going to make an appeal to the government,” says Van Dop. “Just as there are still more things that need to be solved in front of the players. Just think of all of our new guys. It is important that the law be returned to their country of origin? They will have three weeks of training with us. These are all aspects that we can in the short term, the answer must be here for a while.”

They are not the only issues facing clubs over the next period of time will be given. The question is whether the leagues have come to an end. Cap has his doubts about that.

“If we have three weeks to continue to be able to play football, it is in the end achievable. Then we have the competition, perhaps a bit of trimming, and the play-offs may have to eliminate. Don’t forget that on the 1st of July is also all the employment contracts expire,” he concluded.

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The corona virus is in the short

  • The virus is spread mainly through the coughs and niesdruppeltjes that are in the air.
  • An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. This number can be decreased with proper safety precautions.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms.
  • Almost all the deaths involve elderly or already ill people. With the precautions that you can, these people are protected.
  • Click here to read ” what are the main precautions to be.

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