Go Ahead and Den Bosch to chase after resting on edge in the play-offs

With the Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch (12.15 pm), RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior (14: 30), TOP Oss-Sparta Rotterdam (16.45) and SC Cambuur-De Graafschap (20.00) Sunday, the first halvefinaleduels in the play-offs for promotion/relegation in the program. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.

  • Promotion/relegation:
  • Semi-finals
  • Heenwedstrijden
  • LIVE:
  • Go Ahead-Den Bosch (1-2)
  • Later:
  • RKC-Excelsior
  • TOP Oss-Sparta
  • Cambuur-Graafschap

Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 5 mins agoKick-off! Danny Verbeek kicks off, and put the second half in motion.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 22 minutes agoRest! We go with a 1-1 outcome the rest in an entertaining first half. Van der Sande opened the score on behalf of Den Bosch and Van Moorsel signed for the equalizer.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 22 minutes geleden45′ A scrimmage for the purpose of Den Bosch. From a free kick and blasts it From Moorsel to the bar and then get Verheijdt the ball not in the goal.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 24 minutes geleden43′ Also after the end of Go Ahead Eagles wait for Den Bosch quiet down on their own half. The visitors lie on the counter.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 29 minutes geleden38′ There is a substitute Sappinen for the first time, dangerous. Danny Verbeek sends the striker to the depth in, but he shoots hard in the zijnet.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 32 minutes geleden34 ” Thomas Verheijdt is close to the 2-1. The spire towers above his direct opponent, but sees his header just in front.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 34 minutes geleden33′ A disappointment for FC Den Bosch. Captain Beltrame with an ankle injury to the side. The Italian is replaced by Sappinen.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 39 minutes geleden29′ GOAL Go Ahead Eagles! 1-1

A cross from Julian Lelieveld disappears through the legs of a Den Bosch defender behind Wouter van der Steen.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 39 minutes geleden28′ Go Ahead Eagles claimed a penalty, but referee Kamphuis ignores it.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 40 minutes agoThe wonderful header from Van der Sande.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · one hour geleden21′ Go Ahead continues the assault search. To great opportunities comes the team of John Stegeman.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · one hour geleden17′ GOAL FC Den Bosch! 0-1

Jort van der Sande is the headline very clever touch off a flurry of Khammas. Hobie Verheulst stands rooted to the ground.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · one hour geleden11′ Gino Bosz try the far. The commitment of the central defender drops just too late and flies.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · one hour geleden9, ” here is the first chance. Paco van Moorsel is the headline in hard in the direction of the corner, but Wouter van der Steen saves handsome.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · one hour agoKick-off! Go Ahead Eagles kicks off and we started.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch · 2 hours geledenOm 12.15 pm start Go Ahead Eagles and FC Den Bosch, on the heenwedstrijd in the semi-finals of the play-offs for promotion/relegation. These are the setups:

Go Ahead Eagles: Verhulst; Lelieveld, Leaf, field mate, Boss; Van der Venne, Stans, Bakx; Van Moorsel, Verheydt, and Navratil

FC Den Bosch: Van der Steen; Felida, Väisänen, Kersten, Khammas; Beltrame, Holla, Velkov; Brouwers, Van der Sande, VerbeekPlay-offs promotion/relegation · 3 hours geledenDit is the program for today in the play-offs for promotion/relegation:

12.15 pm
Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch
RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior
TOP Oss-Sparta
Cambuur-De GraafschapBack up

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