Glory wants to be Consistent against Ben Saddik, and then a third match with Hari

There is a big chance that Jamal Ben Saddik is the next opponent of the world heavyweight Rico Verhoeven. Then, a third fight with Badr Hari to be a serious option for the kicksportbond Glory.

In spite of the lack of end-of-the match in between Turkey and Hari looked at all of the parties involved are back on a very successful event. New in 74, it was in 180 countries and broadcast in, and took off in the Netherlands, 3.5 million viewers. At the bus station and had a record number of 31,000 spectators, and the evening went without any incident in the general public.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, and I think that the people in the stadium and at home in front of the television set,” said Turkey, at the press conference. “It was the first time that we are in a football stadium have sold out for a kick-box contest.”

Turkey and Hari’s coach Mike Passenier had already know, like, a third match between the two fighting cocks to be like. “Even in a bigger stadium, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the netherlands. I think that’s great,” said Verhoeven to be excited.

Hari will take place on Monday at the hospital to determine his injuries – is very likely to have a damaged ankle – which, to him, required in order to be in the first round, then give up. This makes it clear as to how the revalidatietraject, the 35-year-old man from Amsterdam will look like.

Ben Saddik will collect a punch of Turkey in their previous meeting in 2017. (Photo By New)

New seem Am Saddik likely to want to give up

Prior to Hari to Turkey some day, it seems, the first time it’s the turn of Jamal Ben Saddik for the world champion to be in a titelgevecht. “The possibility is very high that Jamal, now is the chance to get it,” said New CEO of the Marshall Zelaznik.

“We’re going to work hard to fight for each other. Jamal deserves a shot at the title.”

The Belgian-Moroccan, was established in december 2017, and in the fifth round of the knock-out beaten by a Turkey in one of his earlier titelgevecht between the two of them. Since then it has made the 29-year-old Ben Saddik much of an impression.

In a battle for the Johan Cruijff ArenA, he worked for D’angelo, Marshall, and within a minute, three times to the ground, and then he wrote on a board with three heavy-weights in Rotterdam in an impressive way, in his own name.

85Verhoeven furious fighter, and Gerges, during a press conference

New find the event in Utrecht is not big enough for a Turkey

It is the first Glory event in 2020, on the 29th of march in Utrecht’s Central Studios are in the program. Glory does not give the preference to this location for a fight between a Turkey and a Ben Saddik.

“It’s going to be a great battle to be expected, Zelaznik. “That’s what we want to do it in a big stadium. The hall in Utrecht, it is not for me.

The American CEO is enjoyed not only by the story and the atmosphere in the bus station, but it is also a mutual respect between the Sources and the Turkey. “I thought it was really nice to see, Rico, Badr, immediately after the termination was passed. It was a real sport.”

“This incident has had no bad blood or tension is required. Rico, Badr went on the day before the fight, to be respectful with each other, and set an example for other sportsmen and women. It is absolutely in the best interest of the Killer to get them quickly against each other to fight.”

1112Bekijk of the fight between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari

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