Glasses vs Contacts: Costs and Benefits

Glasses vs Contacts: Costs and Benefits

Contrary to what many believe, wearing traditional prescription eyeglasses is still much more popular than wearing contact lenses. Of course, if we’re comparing this to 30 years back, contacts have seen a significant increase in their growth, and are starting to rival glasses in overall popularity. So if you were new to needing vision correction, how would you choose between contacts and glasses?

It turns out, that many people decide to ignore the decision and instead buy both prescription eyeglasses as well as contact lenses. This can be an expensive, yet beneficial practice for those who want the convenience of throwing on a pair of glasses while performing housework, while wearing their contacts during more formal events.

Of course, there are many who do not have that money at their disposal. So if one were to make the choice, how would they weigh the pros and cons of glasses vs. contacts? See below for our list of benefits and drawbacks of each.
Contact Lens Benefits

Contacts offer natural highly clear vision correction without the drawback of having to wear glasses frames. Contact lenses are ideal for athletes or people who don’t want the dreaded “foureyes” nickname.

Contact Lens Drawbacks

While contacts have benefits in terms of appearance and vision, they also may cost more than glasses, and require a higher degree of maintenance. If not cared for properly, contact lenses can lead to eye infections and eye irritation.

Glasses Benefits

Glasses are relatively inexpensive, are incredibly easy to use, and require little maintenance. For some, they may even find designer glasses to be fashionable, and many feel glasses help one to look older and more intelligent.

Glasses Drawbacks

Glasses may be easier to use, but they offer poor peripheral vision, can have problems with glare, and typically don’t look as good as one’s natural eyes would. Glasses also are difficult for athletes to wear, and may be cumbersome to wear constantly.

Concluding Thoughts

For people who don’t need major vision correction, they may consider buying a pair of cheap reading glasses such as foster grant readers. Others may choose to wear daily disposable contacts only when they absolutely need acute vision correction.

Talk to your eye doctor to determine the best choice for your lifestyle, and make sure to buy glasses and contacts online to save money over retail prices.

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