Giving Our Fingernails a Treat!

Our hands perhaps are the most used part in our body. We eat with our hands, we do house chores with our hands, and we accomplish office works with our hands. It follows then that we should take care and pamper our hands the most.

One good way to pamper our hands is to take proper care of our nails. After all, nails are there for a purpose: they protect our finger tips, since they are most prone to bumping and scratching due to constant hand activities. Many nerve endings are also present in the fingers rendering them to become one of the most sensitive body parts.

But finger nails do not only serve to protect the fingers. They also help us pick minute objects up. Remember how you easily picked a needle with your long nails? Most practically, nails help us scratch ourselves. It makes life easy by not making us look for something to use when an itch occurs anywhere in our body.

Our nails are vital parts of our pointers. Taking good care of them is tantamount to making our hands healthy and clean. Here are tips to properly maintain fingernails.

Cut nails after taking a bath

You may have noticed that after taking a bath, your nails become softer and more tender. That is because of their long exposure to water. It follows then that the best time to cut nails is after taking a shower. Notice that they’re easier to cut because they’ve become a bit softer.

Nail cutters: Don’t underestimate them

While you think that nail cutters are just mere hand-caring tools and that you can just use any kind you can get from the store, there is actually a more intellectual science involved in them. Nail cutters come in different designs to suit different types of nails. Yes, there are different types of nails that need different ways of treatment. The most common types of nail cutters are the compound lever type and plier type. You may notice that in the spas, manicurists use different sets of cutters. Nail cutters also usually come with pocket knife and nail file. They are there for a reason. Use them to properly take care of your nails.

Don’t forget the cuticles

Cutting nails is not complete without treating the cuticles. These are deposits that accumulate in the surface of the nails. Get rid of them to make the nails look shinier and cleaner. Use a cuticle remover to push cuticles from nails. Gently do this with the help of cuticle remover, a solution that tenderizes cuticles for easy removal.

Do you bite your nails? You probably are stressed.

Beside it being a nasty and odd habit, biting the finger nails can actually mean something deeper, like a symptom for a psychiatric disorder. Studies have shown that people who bite their finger nails are most likely experiencing anxiety stress. Nail-biting, or onychophagia, is a common way to relieve stress and it is a harmful “nervous habit” that could lead to bleeding and nail malformation. People who have this habit should immediately seek the help of experts to be treated with the proper stress management techniques.

Use some nail moisturizer

Our nails are composed of a substance called keratin, the same stuff that comprises our hair. When the hair becomes dry and frizzy, it probably loses some keratin because of exposure to the sun. In this case, it needs to be moisturized to look shinier and healthier. And this is how our nails behave as well. That is why you need to constantly apply moisturizers to make them shiny and beautiful. Moisturizing creams for the skin and face work just as fine for the nails.

See, taking care of our finger nails is no hard task after all. We only need to devote time and proper attention to our nails as a way to leading a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

Ryan Rivera has been writing about health and hygiene for years now on his website He also writes about ways to diagnose, manage and treat anxiety stress.

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