‘Give pregnant woman always five instead of three echoes’

‘Give pregnant woman always five instead of three echoes’

Pregnant women should not twice, but by default, five echo’s need to obtain defects in the unborn child to be better able to debug. That advocates Eva Pajkrt, the new professor of Obstetrics in the AMC in Amsterdam Friday.

Also, these additional echoes a failure to thrive and signs of an impending premature birth demonstrate. That can mortality around pregnancy prevent.

Now get healthy pregnant women as two echoes of which the insurer reimburses: around ten weeks for the duration of the pregnancy to establish and after twenty weeks to orgaanafwijkingen to detect. Then, healthy pregnant women still opt for a tussenecho, but that they have to pay.

Pajkrt want that, there’s always an echo is created after thirteen weeks for major structural abnormalities. Then there would have been two echoes around 28 and 34 weeks should come that any slowdown in growth could be discovered. Premature birth and growth retardation cause together 75 percent of the deaths of babies around birth.

Cost extension

Also want to Pajkrt that by default, there is a baarmoedermeting comes with the echo of twenty weeks. Such a measurement may increase the chance of a spontaneous premature birth determine.

According to the new professor covered the costs of the expansion: almost 200 euro per pregnant. According to her, will by default, five echo’s, but also the ‘sprawl’ to echo’s fight. Women like that often in between, because they have a bleeding or worried.

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