Giuliani, whether Trump’continues with Mueller: “good luck — only over my dead body

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President Trump, the former fixer Michael Cohen is sentenced to imprisonment; the reaction of President Trump, the lead attorney Rudy Giuliani on ” Fox News Sunday.’

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said on “Fox News Sunday” that President trump will continue one-on-one with Special Counsel Robert Müller, “over my dead body” in the middle of the bomb new revelations was in the wrong to testify against ex-National security Advisor, Michael Flynn, Giuliani said, “railroaded” and “framed.”

In a lively back-and-forth with host Chris Wallace, Giuliani also reiterated his claim that Trump knew first”,” the hush money payments, made by two women, the former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the state claims lawyers constituted campaign Finance violations.

Giuliani said Trump finally found out about the payments and report to Cohen, adding that Cohen is a “complete pathological liar” , has defied the basic principles of ethics by secretly tape-recording his own client for several hours.

“Yes, this man is lying-is that a surprise to you that Michael Cohen is lying?” Giuliani asked. “The man standing in front of a judge and said, ‘I was steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump.’ Nonsense. He was fiercely loyal to him, he stuck him. He was sitting there with [CNN anchor] Chris Cuomo, told him he was not taped, they showed him a drawer and he lied to him and bonded him for two hours.”


In April, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One said that he knew about Cohen’s $ 130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, or how he got the money. But in September 2016, tape-recorded, of Cohen, Trump, apparently, says Cohen, he was aware of a hush money payment to buy the silence of the other woman, Karen McDougal.

“It was a narrow conversation” after the payment has taken place, and before the Air Force One comments, Giuliani said, that led Trump reimbursement of Cohen ‘ s payment. The refund could be legally significant because, while third parties such as Cohen, are limited in the amount you can contribute to presidential candidates, candidates themselves, no such spending limit.

Top Democrats, including incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, said, each campaign Finance violation by Trump “could be safe”, impeachable. But you have been warned previously before, the persecution charge is based on campaign Finance concerns alone, as the top lawyers and former Federal Election Commission Chairman said that the issue of a criminal conviction for such alleged violations is often extremely difficult.


Giuliani suggested Wallace, Trump had trouble remembering the 2016 entertainment while aboard Air Force One.

“This was a conversation in which he was asked, in the middle of the campaign-he works 18 hours a day. I would not be able to remember a lot of things that happened in September 2016. … When he sat down, with his lawyer, and went through it in detail, and saw things, which to refresh his memory, we have corrected immediately. No one pushed us.”

“Over my dead body. But, you know, I could be dead.”

— Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, to a Miller-interview

Trump tweeted on Sunday morning that Cohen “was just a ‘rat’,”, after the FBI raided his office in April. “Why didn’t you break into the DNC, to the Server, or the Wrong office?” Trump asked in an obvious reference to the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Asked whether Trump-who has already written responses to requests from the special counsel — would meet with Miller, Giuliani replied, “Yeah, good luck, good luck, after what they did to Flynn, the way you caught him in perjury, and there is no record for him.” (Müller Flynn has recommended that you receive no jail time.)

He added: “Over my dead body. But, you know, I could be dead.”

Giuliani, the former U.S. attorney in the Southern district of New York, mocked Müller efforts in a false statements prosecution in Russia probe. George Papadopoulos, the recently released from prison, after he pleaded guilty to making false statements to agents of the FBI, said Friday that he plans to run for a seat in the house of representatives.

The Müller-investigation are soon to end?

Paul Rosenzweig, a former senior counsel in the investigation of President Clinton, weighs, if he thinks Robert Mueller’s investigation wrap up.

“Fourteen days, for [the former trump-helper George] Papadopoulos — I had it better on traffic violations, as you said Papadopoulos,” Giuliani.


He then he pointed to a report from the Department of Justice’s internal watchdog last week, blaming a technical glitch for a swath of missing text messages between the anti-Trump, ex-FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa page-and showed that the government mobile phones published by Müller’s office to Strzok and page had been wiped clean, after Strzok was fired from the Russian probe.

The Trump lawyer, in addition to the Flynn popped persecution, which revolves around the false statements, he acknowledged to agents of the FBI, who broke Protocol by means of Interviews with him in the White house. The agents-including Strzok said — that it was not intially Flynn think.

Giuliani said Wallace, “that the President knows that the [Flynn] lied” to FBI agents, indicating that he has not committed any public evidence-other than Flynn’s guilty of, that offence. Flynn, under significant financial pressure as a result of the persecution, sold his house in Virginia this year.

While Trump’s tweet has, at the beginning of last year, Flynn had lied to the FBI, Giuliani said the President was simply using publicly available information to come to that conclusion. “He knows what he’s reading,” Giuliani said, referring to trump.

“What have you done, General Flynn should continue to drove the result in the discipline,” Giuliani. “You are those who violate the law. Are you looking for a non-crime: collusion. The other guys look on a non-crime: campaign violation, not violations, and they are the ones who consider violation of the law, the rules, the ethics, which nobody wants, you. You destroyed Strzok and page of 19,000 texts. If he destroyed texts, you would not put him in prison, even though they can, because he is the President.”

Müller-releases of Flynn’s files with the FBI doubt about lies

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton weighs in on the tensions. gen. Michael Flynn in an interview with the FBI.

Giuliani acknowledged that Flynn had fooled the Vice President of Pence in relation to his conversations with the then Russian Ambassador, to admit, “that was a lie, but that is not a crime.”

The documents published by the DOJ inspector General show that the decision to interview Flynn was the beginning of 2017 through the contacts with the Russian Ambassador to be controversial within the justice Department. An FBI document said then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates “was not happy”, when then-FBI Director James Comey told her that the FBI planned to Flynn to speak.

The report also said that several unnamed people at FBI headquarters “arguing later about the FBI’s decision to interview Flynn.”

Giuliani connection to the Cohen prosecution for campaign Finance violations, the Miller probe, said the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein — a frequent target of several conservatives in Congress, who tried to accuse him in this summer-is the monitoring of the two probes.

Müller refers to the Cohen campaign Finance case to Southern District Prosecutor’s office, because he have to investigate outside of the ambit of its mandate, the Russian agreement. Cohen has also known guilty in another case, Mueller has brought to the team on a charge that Cohen lied to Congress by claiming that the work had stopped, a since-abandoned plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, in the early-mid 2016, when it is really more for the months thereafter.

“The person in charge of this investigation, the rod Rosesntien, the Deputy attorney General said,” Giuliani. “He is the head of Müller, and he is the chief of the Southern District of New York. He is the one who determines, “let’s move it over here’ — he has it there, in the Southern district of New York. They work for the same Rod Rosenstein.”

Fox News’ Alex Pappas contributed to this report.

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