Giuliani, the Ukraine accuses of money laundering of $3M Hunter Biden, who asks how Obama could happen

in the vicinityVideoRudy Giuliani says the Ukraine, in cooperation with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and an FBI agent

President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani about his conversation with the officials of Ukraine.

Rudy Giuliani President Trump Monday channeled with a wee-hours-Twitter-flash has in the conversion of history of Ukraine currently roiling Washington to a big problem for the Democrats.

Giuliani, the personal lawyer for trombone and outspoken critic of Joe Biden and his son, the relationship with the Ukraine, accusing Kiev of money laundering of $3 million to Hunter Biden suggested that the Obama administration turned a blind eye, and made the prediction that the scandal is in its infancy.


“If The party does not call for an investigation of the three-part” millions from the Ukraine, and billions from China, you will own it,” he tweeted. “Three-piece” made big money with the sale of public offices. How could have allowed Obama, that this is happening? Will Dems tolerate this to continue and allow this type of pay-for-play?”

Giuliani called his first tweet, “NEW FACT,” and said Hunter Biden received a one-time payment of $3 million from the Ukraine, who went on to Latvia and then to Cyprus, before it in the USA


Not Giuliani, as he learned about the alleged transaction, but said prosecutors were built in the time when you are asked about the sum.

“Obama knows that his VP, the one he commissioned, give billions to the Ukraine, had a son who was the million, the on-Board one of the most corrupt companies in the Ukraine,” he tweeted. “[Hunter], chief stole $5b had Biden out of the Ukraine and on the run. Obama has to know? Did he approve that?”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Trump asked to examine his Ukrainian counterpart, Biden, Hunter, who had an important role in a natural gas company Burisma Holdings, was the investigation by the Ukrainian Prosecutor as part of a corruption probe. Hunter Biden was not accused of misconduct during his time at the company, where he is $50,000 a month as a member of the board of directors, according to the New York Times. To his role on the board, Hunter Biden, has no reported experience in the Ukraine, the Times.

At a conference, two years after he left office, Joe Biden bragged openly to successfully put pressure on the Ukraine to the fire, the Prosecutor, if he as vice president.

Trump on Sunday appeared to confirm that he was talking about Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, but insisted that the call was not routine. Democrats seized on his admission, and some renewed calls for his impeachment. Political observers are asking why Trump would allow, in one position, it might even seem like he is, with the help of a foreign power, to achieve their political goals.

Giuliani, how many trump supporters, stressed that the story could not the calls, but the capitalism of cronyism on the display, where the son of a sitting Vice-President million to do the work on the Board of a Ukrainian gas company.

Trump accuses Joe Biden, the dishonesty in the statement that he and Biden never spoke with his son about his business with a Ukrainian energy company, in spite of the Hunter, say, the New Yorker, she spoke, “only once” about it.


“And now he made a lie, when he said that he never spoke to his son,” Trump said. “Of course, you spoke to your son!”

Fox News Gregg Re contributed to this report

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