Giuliani compares Biden to Clinton Foundation, asks: ‘What has that got to know Obama?”

in the vicinityVideoRudy Giuliani, whether he’s testified before Congress on the Ukraine controversy

Personal lawyer of President Trump, Rudy Giuliani says that if he is called to testify, that he, with his client.

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani defended his investigation of the Democrats, including Joe Biden and Ukraine, while they point the finger at the Obama administration and his possible involvement in corruption.

“My role is very, very easy. I’m a lawyer defending a client,” Giuliani host Maria Bartiromo said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”, saying that he explore was a lead information, of which, he claimed, they could not justify.only trump is in respect of the claims, the he show in cooperation with Russia in the 2016 election, but it could be that there are Democrats, to violate the cooperation with Ukraine Trump campaign


“If you can prove that someone else did it, or there is another explanation for you, then you pursue that vigorously.”

During a July 25 call, Trump on the cybersecurity company Crowdstrike, which had investigated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s Computer, during the 2016 campaign, but not on the server of the FBI. Trump stated that the server is currently in the Ukraine.

Giuliani also defended his role in the investigation of accusations that Joe Biden, the Vice-President, under pressure on Ukraine to stop top Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, by threatening to withhold $1 billion, owed to the Ukraine.

“I was trying not to dirty, the information about Biden. Biden was in the way,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani brought with him a sworn statement of Shokin, who claimed he was forced to resign because he was not ready to fall off, a case against energy company Burisma Holdings, where Biden’s son Hunter was a member of the Board. The affidavit States that it is the pressure from the United States was Biden — specifically in the form of the withholding of billions of dollars, which led to Shokin leaving office.

Giuliani also suspicion about what was Biden knew of his son’s business while he was vice president, and what Biden, of one’s own role increases. He claimed that Biden’s son received money from China in an effort to win the favor of the Vice-President.

“The pattern is a pattern of numbers. It contains something very similar to what happened to the Clinton Foundation,” said Giuliani. “This goes to the core of what has know Obama, and when he knew it?”

Giuliani referred to in the December 2015 New York Times article on Hunter Biden, Burisma, a Ukrainian oligarch, and how the younger Biden, the commitment of the Ukrainian company may be to undermine then-Vice-President Biden’s anti-corruption message.

“The question is,” asked Giuliani, “if Biden and Obama saw that article about how the son was down money to pull of the most crooked oligarchs in Russia, Biden, Obama to call and say:” Joe, as you might be to do this?'”

Later, when asked about a report earlier on Sunday morning, Giuliani had said, the cooperation with attorneys Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing on the first information about the Biden from the Ukraine, the former New York City mayor, he “worked with someone dirt on Joe Biden,” saying that the information “was passed on to me by the Ukrainians.”


Giuliani said that so far, the house Democrats have been invited to testify to him about his work with the Ukraine, but if they did, he would run out of trumps first.

“I’m his lawyer, there is the so-called attorney-client privilege,” he said. “This must be taken into account, even if you don’t think he should privilege attorney-client.”

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